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Colourful day at Bob's
04 September 2011

Despite an indifferent forecast the rain held off and we even got the chance to shelter under the gazebo from Argyll's merciless sun. A good turnout enjoyed the sea loch air and we had a variety of steam in action.

of crowd scene

Balliebeag Station has had a coat of paint and a new snack bar since our last visit. This shot shows Ian W's scratchbuilt Hunslet WD about to pass Bob Y's home built, Brian Wilson inspired Eric. In a WoSG website exclusive I can reveal that Bob has another loco under construction which he tells us will carry a Puce livery.

busy at balliebeag

Hi visibility liveries have become a major feature of WoSG running sessions and Tom H's Roundhouse Vale of Rheidol maintains the tradition as she trundles light engine through Balliebeag.

vor at of

WoSG's very own subversive faction of Mamod fans had their moments with two of the little b*%%^s getting a run out. Here we see Bob Y's Ramrod and Dave W's Annony Mouse taking a well deserved rest after their exertions. And no - they didn't actually pull those coaches. That was left to the grown up locos.

mamods at of

A splendid day was had by all. Many thanks to Christine for another excellent lunch and to Bob for running repairs. It's amazing what can be done with 4 AA batteries and a soldering iron.

Members who didn't make it missed a treat. Apparently one nameless adherent misread the programme and went off to OZ rather than OF. (See previous news item)

PS Has anybody else noticed that all the adverts that now appear on this site appear to be for Over 50's dating sites?

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