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118 Oggle

(118 is the prefix for directory enquiry numbers)

the one stop website for
a guide to directory enquiry
and Internet Service Provider charges

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News Release - September 2015

Hence one of the needs for this website


Note the FREE 118 facility listed in the menu


Compare at a glance

Above comparison table shows costs at a glance before recent price increases

Summary for lowest cost

SIMUNIX:  118 365

Free directory enquiries 

There are  services which allow you free directory enquiry calls.

The Number: 0800 118 3733

The pro of this service is you can request more than one number request. However, you must listen to an advert and it's an automated, not human, system.

ISP - Broadband Charges

Look in the menu of the phone companies listed or go to 

MONEY SAVER OGGLE in the menu of this website.


USWITCH - look at what they say is the top 10 BROADBAND packages:




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