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          MEGAN & CRYSTAL

With only four months between them, these two forged close bonds in puppyhood.  As adults they have drifted apart slightly, Crystal preferring the less demanding company of Jeannie, and Meg busy with her self-appointed role as Head Girl and Chief Ball Monitor.

Meg is also known as Merrythorpe Blackberry Way, and as her name suggests was not bred here but by Marilyn and Graham Thorpe of the Merrythorpe Bearded Collies, see www.merrythorpe.com  She is by Ch Camberwick Song of Solomon ex Talraz Tangleberry of Merrythorpe, and is a charming, affectionate and dutiful girl who loves to please.  Picture above shows Meg as a 2 year old just beginning to grow her adult coat.

As for Crystal (Cartmel Sea-Crystal), what a dark horse she is!  The only Portuguese Water Dog, she considers herself somewhat above the riff-raff of these Bearded Collies, and does her own thing, making all her own decisions.  Infuriatingly stubborn at times, she also has some very endearing ways.  Alas she is camera shy and her colour too makes taking photos of Crystal a real challenge!

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