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Sadly we report the passing of Phil Havard at 92 years of age.  A long standing Trustee, Life Member and past Chairman of the Society who will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 



visitors to Cadoxton church regularly admire two particular memorials - but just who were the Sutton's?


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More teasers from times past 

In some areas carnivals continue to be staged and have remained popular.  What year was this one at Cimla and do we know the gents decked out in their not so glad 'rags'? 

The Carnival King & Queen of 1937 - what street were they being paraded along?

Ready to serve King and country with their mascot to see them off.  What is known of this happy few?

There is always a 'committee' but what was this one formed for? - Sitting six from the left is Jonah Arnold.

At first glance you would say Swiss Gables - Dyffryn (old vicarage) but although of a similar design it is much larger - so where is it?


Answer to the previous mystery images:

Quite a few identified these men as controlling the points on the Ynysmaerdy Incline, Briton Ferry which was part of the South Wales Mineral Railway (SWMR).  It now forms part of a pleasant walk from Jersey Park.


A multitude of answers had this house celebrating Victoria's reign as being in many of the older streets in Neath.  All of the possibilities were looked out but none gave the right result. It may have been demolished, or the image may not even be one from Neath!


The wedding party at Dyffryn proved a bit more difficult.  The possibilities were considered from newspser entries of the period contributed by two of our members.  In 1901 Jestyn Williams married Mary, the eldest daughter of Joseph  Moore-Gwyn and in 1908 CG Gilbertson married Ellen, the youngest daughter of Joseph  Moore-Gwyn.  Both weddings had three clergymen officiating! If anyone can narrow it down to a single answer from other photographs we would be happy to hear from you.   

School photographs always invoke memories in the liitle grey cells sometimes razor sharp and at other times fuzzy.  This one from a transparency taken by keen photographer and teacher/historian Elis Jenkins was no exception. Here is a compilation from the answers (right or wrong);

From the left - Ieuan Davies, Tony Ross, Brian Tossell, unknown, unknown, Howard John, unknown.

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Neath Mechanics' Institute, Church Place, Neath, home of the Society

Formed in 1923 (from the earlier Neath Philosophical Society of 1834), the Neath Antiquarian Society has taken a leading role in recording, preserving and safeguarding Neath's historical heritage. Therefore, the Society began to collect archives relating to the local area and further afield.

Over the decades a considerable amount of material was amassed, dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries, but this was not available to the general public and lacked a proper catalogue. The year 2001 saw the launch of the project 'Unlocking Neath's Archival Heritage', a joint venture between the Neath Antiquarian Society and the West Glamorgan Archive Service: with Heritage Lottery Funding, the entire archive collection was catalogued in detail by staff from the West Glamorgan Archive Service to make it fully available to the public for the first time in 2003.


Where can the documents be seen?

The Neath Antiquarian Society archive collections are held at the Neath Mechanics' Institute.   Click here for details of opening hours.


What archives are available?

Records of the Neath Antiquarian Society

Research papers of prominent local historians connected with the Society.

Borough of Neath & Neath Corporation records.

Records of manors and estates, including Gnoll, Eaglesbush, Briton Ferry, Bach-y-gwreiddyn, Little Hill, etc.

Coytrahen and Neath Abbey Estate records.

Collections of documents regarding local events, businesses, chapels and industry.

Maps and plans of the local area.

Advertising material & other related ephemera.

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