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Lochalsh Community Council

Auchtertyre – Avernish – Balmacara – Kirkton – Reraig – Glaick


Meeting held on : Tuesday 20th April 2021

Time : 8.00pm

Venue : Zoom

Present : Biz Campbell (HC Cllr), Tim Sowood, Sarah Longley, Adrienne Sowood, Susan Pettie, Emma Bennett-West, Lynne Crawford, James Merryweather

Apologies for absence : PC Donald MacLean (unable to attend via ZOOM – nothing significant to report)

Approval of previous minutes 16th March 2021

Minutes approved.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting.(not covered by Agenda items)

Glenelg Sea Forest – Emma reported that she spoke to them 4 weeks ago when they promised a report within a week. No-one has seen anything to date.

Balmacara Old Mill Project – Lynne reported that she had found out that the group had put in an application for funding from the Spar. Lynne undertook to follow this up. Susan suggested asking for a timescale.

Waste and Public Conveniences arrangements – Biz reported that FCS were going to develop the woodland park. Tim will get in touch for clarification. It was also noted that Holly Philps was setting up a facility for motorhome waste disposal with fresh water supplies and if required overnight stop.

Treasurer Resignation

We unfortunately had to report that Craig, for personal reasons has resigned as Treasurer as well as a councillor. His contributions and hard working commitment over many years will be sorely missed. We will send him a card in the short term and agreed that we will do something to recognise his long service.

We now need a new treasurer and Emma kindly offered her services.

Craig has undertaken to provide audited accounts and handover all relevant documentation.

A87 Bus Shelter and Safety

Little progress on both fronts with nothing further from Robin Pope about the bus shelter and nothing yet from Dave Tighe or in pursuing matters with politicians etc on the A87 speeding issues.

On the bus shelter Biz said that she’d had a Zoom meeting with Alan Henderson and David Summers. Dave Summers said he replied to us but, having had nothing since before Christmas, that could only refer to his unsatisfactory reply we received in December. Biz suggested that we write to him for clarification. Emma said that the High School Parents could not find their minutes relating to the bus shelter.

On the A87 Sarah said she would email Iain Blackford (who originally arranged the independent survey by Dave Tighe) to see if he could chase him up. She would also contact WHFP re an article. The Safer Routes to School man cancelled his meeting with Lynne. She will get back to him.

In general it was agreed that following these issues up was better left until after the May elections when the politicians could once again focus on these matters.

Lochalsh Collaboration

Issue 13 of the regular Community Newsletter has been delivered to all homes in the LCC area. Thanks to Craig, Sarah and Adrienne & Tim.

The Survey for community engagement was delivered with the newsletter and there has been quite a good response from our area.

The date for our virtual roadshow has not yet been fixed and will be discussed at the next Collaborates meeting on 22nd and will probably be arranged after the survey results have been analysed. It was noted that Kyle had a poor attendance. Susan said that once a date had been published more people will step forward.

Post meeting note – the date is now 27th May 7pm on Zoom – we are joining with Glenelg CC but will discuss local issues separately.

Arrangements for AGM

Tuesday 8th June at 7.30pm – followed by normal meeting at 8pm – separate Zoom meetings.

Highland Good Food project

Emma is part of this initiative and we have agreed to give our official support to this very worthy project


No report


Nothing of relevance

Correspondence (not covered above)

Dot Ferguson Community resilience briefings – all circulated

Biz sent us email re new CT scanner at Broadford Hospital asking us to send our support to Hamish Fraser which we have done.

PC Donald MacLean – nothing to report of note other than usual speed checks etc (circulated).


Adrienne mentioned that some benches and tables at Reraig are in need of repair and will apply for Ward Discretionary grant.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 8th June 2021 at 8.00pm on ZOOM after AGM at 7.30

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