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Learning Opportunities for all with Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution

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Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution intends to be an APEX Living Legacy. BRLSI for all the family. Check out the October, November, December, January and February programme below.

brlsi fun day

Its Children and Youth Activities programme is about passionate learning and serious fun in a relaxing academic environment. We provide a wide variety of fascinating and stimulating activities in science, technology and the arts every 2nd Saturday in the month from 1:00pm to 4:00pm (Starts September 8th 2012) These workshops are organised in a caring, safe, learning environment which gives children and young people a chance to practice study, research and presentation skills.


Informal family trails are organised from time to time to discover Bath’s Famous Scientists. Bath’s Treasured Trees, Bath’s fascinating herbs, The famous writers of Bath , The two kings, and many soldiers and sailors who lived or worked in Bath and The life and work of Britain ’s first scientist, a Saxon who lived, worked and died in Bath, Adelard.

Half term Fun Mornings:
From 11am – 1pm Wednesday October 31st and Thursday November 1st.
Wonderful Weapons and Awesome Science
Plus an intriguing quiz – identify the ten quirky objects.

These mornings will give you the chance to meet BRLSI’s Weapons Expert Brian Godwin and chat about the weapons as well as finding out about conservation.
There will also be 20 science experiments to grapple with.
Can you?
1. Improve your eyesight by using a piece of paper.
2. Sort salt from pepper by waving a magic spoon?
3. Find out what elements burn on the sun’s surface with a broken piece of CD
Come and do it at BRLSI!!

November 10th 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Workshop 1
Beautiful seats for delicate bottoms.

Find out how chairs and sofas have changed over the years, how sitting pretty has varied. Find out about the disgusting history of the hairy, furry, feathery insides of of sofas. How women in dresses that were two metres in diameter managed to sit down. Have a good feel at the weird. Wonderful and downright outrageous fabrics people have used over the years to cover their furniture. Learn all this and more from the lady who upholstered all the furniture for recent the BBC TV programme “To the Manor Reborn,” about Avebury Manor. Then design the world’s most uncomfortable seat and if you have time the most comfortable seat ever sat on! (If there is demand a trip to Avebury Manor can be arranged.)
email to book places coolbookings@brlsi.org

Workshop 2
Partying in Bath’s Trees

Finding out and playing about with who and what lives on and in trees, what they get up to, how they survive. The thieves and the vagabonds, the angels and the saints. Hear what Mark Cassidy B&NES tree officer has to say about Bath’s Trees and their life and death.
Advanced booking necessary. for the events in November Adult £4:00p Children £2:00p email to book places coolbookings@brlsi.org

December 8th 1:00pm to 4:00pm
The Bath Christmas Science Market of Ideas.

With the WOW factor. Come and share your ideas and science tricks. Barter your tricks for ours./ Buy ideas – anything to do with science. An afternoon to amaze you. Find the Institute of Physics Marvin and Milo road show book. Ever seen a scientist busk? – well now you can! Get ideas for really cool Christmas Presents.
email to book places coolbookings@brlsi.org

January 12th 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Made to kill from the sky

Hold a killer of the night or a killer of the day on your hand! Do some dirty work Find out more about hawks and owls.. Find out what owls eat. By joining this workshop you will get the chance to see the hunters in the flesh in their own environment. Join a walk across the fields close to Keynsham on May 11th.
email to book places coolbookings@brlsi.org

February 12th 1:oopm to 4:00pm
Peering into Quarks

Particle physics – the mysteries of the quark and the Higgs Bosun Particle. Learn to strip away everything until you reach nothing and then try to find a way of peering into it. The unbelievable story of physics and the Cern Collider
email to book places coolbookings@brlsi.org

6th form or Year 11 going on sixth form and think seriously and imaginatively?
Do you enjoy a discussion, argument, have a point of view, want to get it across? If you do you would probably be interested in philosophy? A joint venture by Royal Institute of Philosophy and Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution will give you the chance of meeting like minded students from other schools and to take part in seminar sessions led by a local university lecturer. These sessions will:
• enhance your knowledge and skills
• extend your understanding
• develop A level studies
• and also help with any plans you have for university entry or for job seeking

This series is free. For more information email coolbookings@brlsi.org

The APEX Legacy
We are looking for teachers who are willing to recommend motivated pupils to join our workshops and activities. We would also welcome suggestions for workshops and other activities which would engage keen pupils and extend them.
Contact us at coolbookings@brlsi.org

Plus (from time to time) Family Trails

Journey to a dinosaur that isn't, follow the famous BRLSI Building Trail. or - Bath’s Famous Scientists. Bath’s Treasured Trees, Bath’s fascinating herbs, The famous writers of Bath, The two kings, and many soldiers and sailors who lived or worked in Bath and The life and work of Britain’s first scientist, a Saxon who lived, worked and died in Bath.



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