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by Lucy Sweetman - 08:42 on 02 July 2012
I am working on opportunities for young people to develop their curiousity and skills to participate for the greater good
by Marian Naidoo - 08:33 on 02 July 2012
I am working on my post Doc research as it emerges and develops
by Nicola Presley - 18:33 on 01 July 2012
I am working on making a difference that matters to me through my work
by Lee Ann McKee - 18:32 on 01 July 2012
I am working on helping all to learn and recognise our inner motivation to collaborate and that we are all unique but
by Vicky Tucker - 18:26 on 01 July 2012
I am working on sourcing and delivering alternative provision to rebuild and re-engage students in order to make real progress emotionally, socially and academically
by Duncan McKee - 18:21 on 01 July 2012
I am developing programme and activities which exploit the natural musician in people
by Fiona Crockett - 18:16 on 01 July 2012
I want to enable more young people to have enriching opportunities
by Karen Dews - 18:07 on 01 July 2012
I want to work on self belief, completing the plans for a project I would like to work on, returning to teaching
by Paul Thomas - 18:04 on 01 July 2012
I want to help set up an "APEX" modelled programme at B.R.L.S.I. that gives all pupils in B&NES an opportunity to learn together in mixed school groups.
by Danielle - 17:38 on 01 July 2012
I want to work on as much as possible
by J - 17:36 on 01 July 2012
I want to work on my maths
by Matthew - 17:32 on 01 July 2012
I want to develop a range of talents and make new friends
by Reuben - 17:28 on 01 July 2012
I am working on my confidence to go to new places and be with people I dont know
by anon - 17:26 on 01 July 2012
I want to work on participating more
by anon - 17:25 on 01 July 2012
I am working on taking my singing more seriously
by Zoe - 17:20 on 01 July 2012
I want to work on fashion design, art or photography
by Imogen - 17:14 on 01 July 2012
I want to learn from experience striving for success alone and with others to develop in Biology, art, music, photography, English and water sports
by Sam - 16:56 on 01 July 2012
I want to developing my use of sketchbook to research and improve my computer programming and art/drawing skills
by Gwyneth Harwood - 13:54 on 14 June 2012
I want to work on giving Traveller children abilty to make life choices, dispel prejudice in local community
by Sue McCann - 16:16 on 12 June 2012
I want to develop workshops for children, young people and adults which expand horizons, develop confidence and enable people to make productive connections
by Paula Tew - 16:06 on 12 June 2012
I want to Finding ways to continue to inspire children and young people and help them believe they CAN do
by Andrew Gillan - 17:58 on 11 June 2012
I am working on facilitating community owned culture and space
by Ann Savage - 12:35 on 10 June 2012
I want to develop a cluster of 4 or 5 schools offering their own courses
by Robyn Pound - 12:14 on 10 June 2012
I am developing support and opportunities for Health Visitors to reflect, plan and explain their project of groupwork
by Russell Franks - 12:07 on 10 June 2012
I want to create a network of business/academic/creative leaders who could share stories/educate/enthuse
by Bini Ludlow - 11:51 on 10 June 2012
I am setting up a new business - Sweet Cumin for everyone at all ages to learn about authentic Indian food and how to cook it
by Dine Romero - 11:40 on 10 June 2012
I am working on access to challenge and motivation for children regardless of family income or circumstances
by Merryl Elias - 11:28 on 10 June 2012
I am working on a community based, intergenerational learning project called 'Valley Added'
by Bridie Marshall - 11:23 on 10 June 2012
I want to work on creating new opportunities for young people to find something they enjoy and are good at
by Yvonne Goodall - 11:16 on 10 June 2012
I am in the process of setting up my preschool in Saltford 'Here We Grow Preschool'
by Spencer Cartwright - 11:09 on 10 June 2012
I want to work on using TeachMeets as a mechanism to get teachers exchanging ideas and networking
by Vicky Chanin - 11:00 on 10 June 2012
I want to explore new possibilities
by Natalie Candy - 10:45 on 10 June 2012
I am working to extend Breakthrough mentoring to improve opportunities for young people to feel valued and worthy and ultimately reach their potential
by Peter Dickinson - 10:38 on 10 June 2012
I want to work with others on creative projects
by Carl Speck - 10:22 on 10 June 2012
I am keen to develop APEX style provision in school and work with other schools
by APEX participants - 10:58 on 22 May 2012
Children talking about their experience of APEX Saturday workshops
by Thomas and his Mum - 10:43 on 22 May 2012
Views on APEX and the educational value of beyond school learning opportunities
by Judy Allies - 14:53 on 14 May 2012
The Primary Pupil Parliament voted for a Healthy Living week which will take place between 21 - 25th May 2012. All Primary schools have been invited to take part and a pack of materials for each day of the week has been developed so schools can join in.
by Christina - 12:13 on 11 May 2012
Mirandanet contributing to the development of educational relationships, space and opportunities through the net
by Joyce - 12:09 on 11 May 2012
My website - From Suet to Souffle
by Mandy, Phil, Pete and Alice - 10:05 on 07 May 2012
A family talks about APEX Saturday workshops
by Molly - 11:30 on 25 February 2012
Apex is really important to me as I have grown up with it and have made new friends, with I am still friends with now, on the way. I have learnt new skills which I have used out side the classroom. Apex is brilliant!
by Unknown - 11:29 on 25 February 2012
by Mocca - 11:22 on 25 February 2012
by Peter - 11:16 on 25 February 2012
by Spencer Cartwright - 09:07 on 07 February 2012
ICT has enormous potential to provide rich and meaningful collaborations and to support our own learning - let's get networking!
by Unknown - 13:20 on 05 February 2012
Develop passions work with children and parents, independent learning and respectful inclusive education
by Unknown - 13:18 on 05 February 2012
Develop opportunities
by Unknown - 13:15 on 05 February 2012
Researching my practice to improve it as a socially engaged artist
by Unknown - 13:10 on 05 February 2012
Share and extend my personal passion for language learning to help both children and teachers recognize their own interests and how they overlap and enrich one another, and the communities within which we live.
by Unknown - 13:06 on 05 February 2012
Not losing the wealth of expertise and experience that APEX holds via providers.
by Unknown - 13:02 on 05 February 2012
Community projects, partnerships between young people and adults, making a difference
by Unknown - 12:59 on 05 February 2012
Young and old to interact and revive interest in our community's industrial heritage
by Unknown - 12:55 on 05 February 2012
Workshops and an atmosphere for the child to discover what they want/ where their passions lie
by Unknown - 12:52 on 05 February 2012
Build new partnerships to enable more creative and sustainable opportunities for young people
by Unknown - 12:48 on 05 February 2012
Children and adults to have full integration within the community, breaking down intergenerational barriers. Allowing children and adults (particularly the elderly) to learn from each other.
by Unknown - 12:46 on 05 February 2012
My organization to recognize what is available in B&NES and what we can utilize or support.
by Unknown - 12:43 on 05 February 2012
Workshops with other parts of the community – APEX+!!!! Cross-generational work in a heritage environment
by Ditch - 12:41 on 05 February 2012
A health and wellbeing network in Keynsham
by Unknown - 12:38 on 05 February 2012
Build partnerships, sustainable projects for social inclusion,
by Unknown - 12:33 on 05 February 2012
Cross-generational learning
by Unknown - 12:24 on 05 February 2012
Making public, sharing and evolution of people’s stories/accounts/explanations of their educational influences in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of the social formations in which we live and work
by Unknown - 12:19 on 05 February 2012
Children and adults to have unique learning experiences that they might not gain from their everyday lives. I want the mixing of young people around a challenge or focus to grow.
by Unknown - 12:17 on 05 February 2012
Provision/influence to continue, training - adults, extending - APEX type.
by Unknown - 12:05 on 05 February 2012
Education for All, creative workshops, involvement with local businessmen and groups and councils, taking responsibility for yourself
by John Whittock - 12:03 on 05 February 2012
Make connections with more ‘institutions’ across B&NES and cooperative learning
by Unknown - 12:00 on 05 February 2012
Different learning environments, hub of links locally, linkage. New model of learning by children for children, ‘Inspire, inspired’.
by Unknown - 11:54 on 05 February 2012
Understanding and connecting my values with those informing educational policy – looking for links
by Unknown - 11:51 on 05 February 2012
People – adults and children learning
by Unknown - 11:49 on 05 February 2012
Action research project for the National Healthy Schools programme
by Unknown - 11:43 on 05 February 2012
Opportunities to extend and enrich mathematics experiences through events and CPD
by Unknown - 11:39 on 05 February 2012
Develop an APEX equivalent idea in the area using expertise which has been built up during the last ten and more years, keeping it going some how
by Unknown - 11:36 on 05 February 2012
Offer opportunities and offer more open opportunities
by Unknown - 11:33 on 05 February 2012
Develop children as researchers and create a forum with older children as mentors (Extended Projects).
by Lynn Byrd - 11:25 on 05 February 2012
Change management work, building relationships with people. Easier said than done but immensely possible
by Michelle Rochester - 11:21 on 05 February 2012
Improving children’s lives and enhancing wellbeing
by Unknown - 11:04 on 05 February 2012
Children taking control of their own lives and being able to influence the adult world
by Unknown - 11:01 on 05 February 2012
Provide an opportunity for linking learners together (across schools/generations/?) to be able to share their ‘passions’ – develop their independence
by Unknown - 10:54 on 05 February 2012
Find some way of making life more ‘human’ – particularly the self-esteem problems of dyslexics, working in a system that labels them as stupid and doesn’t understand how they function.
by Unknown - 10:46 on 05 February 2012
I have yet to develop a particular focus and am looking for opportunities to further the key elements/characteristics of AQA’s Extended Project ideas. On a very different not I am also interested in love in education
by Shaun - 10:01 on 05 February 2012
Dynamic connected relationships in pursuit of passion and authentic learning
by Sheila Crocombe - 09:58 on 05 February 2012
Strengthen community cohesion through arts, pulling Wellsway out into the community, making better know to the community at large all the good work it does
by Shelagh - 09:47 on 05 February 2012
Education to be truly inclusive, student centered and for teachers to meet needs of pupils first and their subject second
by Unknown - 09:43 on 05 February 2012
Supplementary School, Saturday School, After school tuition, Organise a summer school in Trowbridge, Encouraging learning languages
by Unknown - 09:38 on 05 February 2012
Engagement with cultural settings via residencies Residencies/interface between cultural centers and school democracy citizenship heritage global learning
by Unknown - 09:34 on 05 February 2012
Finding new ways to engage setting in activities within the wider community – either with the children or via the parents, which improves children’s wellbeing and involvement
by William House - 09:29 on 05 February 2012
Local community vibrancy, helping adults to discover their passions, bringing the community together, somehow using APEX to help make this happen.
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