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Few sights are more stirring than that of a Pipe Band in full stride. Scotlands piping tradition stretches back over 4 hundred years and the Highland Bagpipe, Big Pipe (Piob Mhor)  has been used in peacetime and warfare.

In Highland clan society each chief had a Piper attatched to his household. The Piper led the clan into battle and composed tunes in praise of his Chieftain, laments and marches.

Pipes were being played in the kilted Highland regiments in the 1750`s. Pipers often played on the front lines and to this day each Scottish regiment has it`s own Pipe Band.

The uniforms of the military Pipers passed into civilian use particularly after the first World War when there was a rapid growth in civilian Pipe Bands, due to the return of service personnel to civilian life.

It was at this time in 1919 that members of the Inverness Branch of the National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Association met at Queen Mary`s House at 29 Bank Street, Inverness to consider the possibility of forming a Pipe Band. A list of Pipers and Drummers was produced and it was agreed to form the Band. (see Archives - extract from record of minutes of a special meeting on Tuesday 20th May 1919.)

The following appointments were made:

Pipe Major--------- John Ross. Innes Street.

Drum Major------- J. Fraser. King Street.

Band President---- W. W. Macdonald. Maryhill.

In 1921 several associations were amalgamated and became the Royal British Legion and at this time the Band became the Inverness Branch Royal British Legion Pipes and Drums.

The band was one of the first which was formed in the Highlands and is one of the few remaining bands who wear the full military No 1 dress.

At the end of the second World War their were seven Pipe Majors members of the Band and in the 1930`s their were four members of the same Chisholm family. W Chisholm  having been appointed Pipe Sergeant at it`s formation in 1919.


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