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Joyfully Playing, Working &,

Then, Living, without superiors,

in 'Each Area of Human Endeavour'


Dear Every Body, Mind and 'Soul',

I think you will agree with me that things, such as warfare, violence, corruption, conflict, global warming, health issues and finance, are quite bad, for most, at the moment.

Please, therefore, find within, 'some discussion papers', for imp-proving matters, under whatever regime you currently exist, e.g. Capitalism or Socialism, and wherever you, presently, reside on this globe, by regaining control, democratically, of our lives and surroundings, i.e. in countries around 'The Earth' (most notably, Iran, Iraq, USA, Syria, Ukraine, GB, India [remember Bhopal?], Israeli Government, Hamas, etc.)

For, surely, now is the 'time to move on', over a per-iod of years, *progradically & with care, towards becoming 'more developed and grown up(wards)'?


Yours for 'conscious' evolution,

Colin M, Norfolk, UK, etc.,


*at first, progressively, e.g. by forming 'A Republic', then, more radically, during an era, called 'The Changeover'(?), in which the majority of people, however long or hard this may be, are becoming


Spiritual Anarchists,


'Godly' Co-Creators, i.e. World Citizens, the majarity of whom, in particular, did not/do not really like 'school' and, thus, always being told what to do (because they are now being educated to need less!)


Then, each individual will - eventually - think for her/himself & realise that, as mentioned in these essays, spirit and soul are 'one & the same' - especially, when 'in conversation' - and that, therefore, 's/he' is truly eternal (and happier?), etc., ... ...


PS. I have also read/studied, in private, most books,

listed on: https://www.moreadvancedsociety.com


Also, https://spanglefish.com/glocalowtparties

(on to which you may have to add 'www.' &

watch the spellings of these webpages).


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