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Want to know what flies are working best here at Fisherwick Trout Lake?

Have you ever wanted to tie your own flies but were unsure about what materials and equipment you need? Or how to tie the best patterns?

Fisherwick member, Al Stewart, shares his thoughts on flies and the tying thereof, and anything else that comes to mind in the noble pursuit of fly fishing.


Flies that catch

by Unknown - 11:06 on 21 May 2013



It has been said that to catch stock fish, all you need is something that resembles a trout pellet, or even just a hook tied with a shiny piece of chewing gum wrapper! Well, that may or may not be true, but there's not much sport in that. Especially when you catch a fish on a fly that you tied yourself! (More on tying your own flies later.)

Most of the fun in fly fishing comes from trying to guess (or more importantly, observe) what the fish are feeding on. There are times, 'though, even when you know what the fish are feeding on, you still don't get a bite! This where having a box full of the most successful flies which catch here at Fisherwick is essential. You can keep up to date with what's currently catching by checking out the Catch Reports on our News page. These are updated weekly, so there is no excuse for not being prepared.

Here are the most successful patterns which catch regularly:


Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph (GRHE)

Black & Red Buzzer (or any variation)


Hoppers (Brown or Black)

Daddy Long Legs

Diawl Bach

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Damsel Fly Nymph

Caddis larvae imitations

Various dry flies also work well when the conditions are right (Mayfly etc)

The photos above are just some of the hundreds of variations available. [They are also "borrowed" until I can get my own photos sorted out! So appologies to anyone that recognises one of their pix! (I'll put them back, Honest!)]

I have experimented with a few patterns and the Palomino Midge (below) is one of my favourites which has caught me a few fish! I have adapted a few patterns and created the Sherbet Badger (using bristles from an old shaving brush!) and recently I created a Mayfly pattern which I have called the Fisherwick Tiger. Tried it for the first time yesterday (Monday 20 May 2013) and caught a 2lb Rainbow on the second cast. The fish missed it on the first attempt, but I recast and it took the fly off the surface in a spectacular take!

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