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Club Competition Winners


Swift Trophy

2012    Winners:   TBA 

2013    Winners:   Peter Oakes & Robert Downie         Runners Up:    Sam Turtington & Susan Barlow

2014    Winners:   Ross Hatzer & Eileen Hogarth         Runners Up:    Graham McNally & Colin Makinson

2015    Winners:   Lee Banks & Harry Riley                 Runners Up:    Ross Dunning & Sarah Booth

2016    Winners:   Paul Booth & Matthew Moden         Runners Up:    Kerry Holt & Steve Miller

2017    Winners:   Barry Robinson & Jean Liversedge  Runners Up:    Adrian Barber & ANO

2018    Winners:   Colin Redfern & Geoff Ogden          Runners Up:   Margaret Turtington & Steve Miller

2019    Winners:   Stewart Beswick & Kevin Breen         Runners-up:   Harry Riley & Margaret Morrison


Tommy Shutt Triples Trophy

2012    Winners:       Joyce Makinson, Joyce Danks & Graham McNally 

           Runners Up:  Peter Oakes, Cath Oakes & Sue Holt

2013    Winners:       Stewart Beswick, Andrew Warman & Colin Makinson

           Runners Up:  Mike Williams, Susan Barlow & Ron Leversedge

2014    Winners:       Kerry Holt, Graham McNally & Andrew Spencer

           Runners Up:  Colin Makinson, Barbara Butterworth & Roger Reeve

2015    Winners:       Colin Makinson, Eileen Hogarth & Harry Riley

           Runners Up:  Margaret Turtington, Margaret Whittaker & Ian Price

2016     Winners:       Cancelled due to very heavy rain.

2017     Winners:       Joyce Makinson, Sarah Booth and Paul Booth

    Joint Runners Up:  Colin Makinson, Jean Liversedge & Colin Redfern

                                            and Kerry Holt, Bill Emmet & Margaret Whittaker

      2018      Winners:        Ian Harvey, Carol Middlefell & John Farrell

                   Runners Up:   Catherine Oakes, Mike Dickenson & Ken Brookes

      2019      Winners:        Stewart Beswick, Brenda Heathcote and Joan Turner

                   Runners-up:   Joyce Makinson, Eileen Hogarth and Susan Beswick



PM Electrics Trophy

2012    Winners:  TBA

2013    Winners:  Kerry Holt & Barbara Butterworth    Runners Up:  Margaret Street & Graham McNally

2014    Winners:  Ross Hatzer & Barbara Orrell           Runners Up:  Kerry Holt & Sarah Booth

2015    Winners:  Kerry Holt & Cyril Butterworth          Runners Up:  Peter Russell & Michael Dodson   

2016   Winners: Stewart Beswick & Eileen Hogarth      Runners Up:  Susan Beswick & Ray Loveland

2017   Winners: Joyce Makinson & Bill Emmet              Runners Up:  Joan Turner & Andrew Spencer

       2018    Winners:  John Haslam & Colin Redfern            Runners Up:  Ian Harvey & Eileen Hogarth

         2019    Winners: Ken Brooks and Barry Robinson        Runners-up: Joyce Makinson and Margaret Whittaker


Tommy Woods Competition

2012    Winner:   John Mort, Turton          Runner Up: Ross Hatzer, Edgworth          Played at Edgworth

2013    Winner:   Alan Topham, Turton      Runner Up: Kerry Holt, Edgworth             Played at Turton

2014    Winner:   Ross Hatzer, Edgworth   Runner Up: Ian Harvey, Edgworth            Played at Edgworth

2015    Winner:   John Mort, Turton          Runner Up: Tony Ford, Edgworth             Played at Turton

2016    Winner:   Final rained off.  John Mort & John Haslem share prize                    Played at Edgworth

2017    Winner:   Paul Booth, Edgworth      Runner Up: John Haslem, Turton             Played at Turton

       2018    Winner:   Geoff Ogden, Edgworth    Runner Up: John Mort,  Turton                Played at Edgworth


The Harry Bromilow Trophy

2012    Winner:   Ross Hatzer                   Runner Up:  Paul Booth

2013    Winner:   Ross Hatzer                   Runner Up:  Peter Russell

2014    Winner:   Stewart Beswick             Runner Up:  Paul Booth

2015    Winner:   Peter Russell                  Runner Up:  Lee Banks

2016    Winner:   Ross Hatzer                   Runner Up:  Peter Russell

2017    Winner:   John Haslem                  Runner Up: Ian Price

2018    Winner:   Ernie Keeling                 Runner Up:  Mike Dickenson

2019    Winner:   Margaret Turtington       Runner-Up:  Eileen Hogarth


Innes Trophy

2012    Winners:  TBA   

2013    Winners:  Cath Oakes & Julie Reeve                    Runners Up:  Joyce Makinson & Cyril Butterworth

2014    Winners:  Cancelled due to very heavy rain

       2015    Winners:  Colin Makinson & Matthew Moden         Runners Up: Ray Loveland & Brenda Heathcote

2016   Winners:  Eileen Hogarth & Margaret Turtington    Runners Up: Tony Ford & Carol Middlefell

2017   Winners:  Barry Robinson & Robert Downie           Runners Up: Sandy Whittaker & Margaret Turtington

2018     Cancelled due to heavy rain

2019  Winners:  Catherine Oakes & Ken Brookes             Runners Up: Susan Beswick & Barry Robinson


Gordon Vose Pairs

2012    Winners:  Ross Dunning & Stewart Beswick

2013    Winners:  Peter Russell & Barbara Butterworth   Runners Up:  Kerry Holt & Cyril Butterworth

2014    Winners:  Barbara Butterworth & Tony Brown    Runners Up:  Ian Harvey & Margaret Whittaker

2015    Winners:  Joyce Danks & Peter Oakes               Runners Up:  Margaret Whittaker & Paul Booth

2016    Winners:  Margaret Turtington & Ian Price         Runners Up:  Andrew Spencer & Colin Redfern

2017    Winners: Stewart Beswick & Sarah Booth          Runners Up: Frank Pendlebury & Ken Brookes

2018    The Competition was cancelled due to continuous rain all day

2019    Winners: Ross Hatzer and Peter Vose               Runners-up:  Kevin Breen and Gail Taylor


Edgworth Bowling Club ‘Picnic’

2013    Winners:  Margaret Street & Graham McNally      Runners Up:  Colin Makinson & John Hall

2014    Winners:  Michael Williams & John Hall                Runners Up:  Michael Barnwell & Graham McNally

2015    Winners:  Ian Harvey & Margaret Whittaker       Runners Up:   Jim Riley & Margaret Russell

2016    Winners:  Margaret Turtington & Peter Mathius   Runners Up:

2017    Winners:  Stewart Beswick & Kerry Holt             Runners Up: Maureen & Jon Hall

2018    Winners:  John Haslam & Harry Riley                  Runners Up: Kerry Holt & Eileen Hogarth

2019    Winners:  Andrew Warman & Nina Shard            Runners-Up:  John Haslam & Ken Brookes


Makinson Rose Bowl Trophy

2012    Winners:  TBA

2013    Winners:   Ruth Hunter & Derek Allen                Runners Up:   Maureen Gill & Brian Hunter

2014    Winners:   Ruth Hunter & Derek Allen                Runners Up:   Maureen Gill & Brian Hunter

2015    Winners:   Jean and Bill Stockton                     Runners Up:   Ruth Hunter & Derek Allen

2016    Winners:   John Haslam & Josie Smith               Runners Up:   Jim Riley & Joan Turner

2017    Cancelled due to very heavy rain  

2018    Cancelled due to very heavy rain  

2019    Played despite rain with all Semi-Finalists agreeing a Draw:

  • Peter and Catherine Oakes
  • Barry Robinson and Sandie Whittaker
  • Paul and Sarah Booth
  • John Haslam and Josie Smith


The Nick Pearson Open Pairs Competition

2012    Winners: TBA

2013    Winners: Mark Bradshaw & Carl Glover            Runners Up:  Ian Pendlebury & Dave Settle

2014    Winners: Jimmy Glover & Steve Orrell             Runners Up:  Curtis Mellor & John Grace

2015    Winners: Lee Evans & Darren Porter               Runners Up: Jimmy Glover and Ian Turner

2016    Winners: Lee Evans & Darren Porter               Runners Up:

2017    Winners: Carl Glover & Andy Hirst                  Runners Up:  Ross Hatzer & Gareth Evans

2018    Winners: Paul Leah & David Knott                  Runners-Up: Nick Turrell & Terry Lytham

2019    Winners: Steve Anderton & Micheal Opie         Runners-Up: Ross Hatzer & John Mort 


Club Social Pairs Competitions

2012   1-Apr  Winners:  Barbara Wilkinson & Cath Oakes    Runners Up: Brian Wilkinson & Tony Ford

          4-Jun  Winners:  Barbara Wilkinson & Peter Russell  Runners Up: Barbara Gregory & Joan Turner

         12-Aug Winners:  Cath Oakes & Tony Ford               Runners Up: Brian Wilkinson & Steve Miller


 Club Social Singles Competitions

2014   20-Apr       Winner:   Colin Makinson            Runner Up:  Kerry Holt

          18-Apr       Winner:   Peter Oakes                Runner Up:  Stuart Beswick

          17-Aug      Winner:   Tony Ford                   Runner Up:  Mick Williams

2015   19-Apr       Winner:   Peter Russell              Runner Up:   Stuart Beswick

  17-May      Winner:   Joyce Makinson           Runner Up: Graham McNally

  16-Aug      Winner:   Andrew Warman         Runner Up: Joyce Makinson

2016   10-Apr       Winner:   Ross Hatzer               Runner Up: John Haslam

  15-May       Winner:    Margaret Turtington   Runner Up:  Matthew Moden

  14-Aug       Winner:   John Haslam               Runner Up:  Margaret Turtington

2017   23-Apr        Joint Winners: Peter Russell & Margaret Turtington

  20-Aug        Winner:   Margaret Turtington     Runner Up:  Roy Pilkington

2018  15-Apr         Joint Winners:  Paul Booth & Eileen Hogarth

                  19-Aug        Winner: Harry Riley                    Runner Up:  Ian Harvey

2019   21-Apr        Winner: Ross Hatzer                   Runner Up:  John Haslam

          03-Aug       Winner: Kevin Breen                   Runner Up:  Andy Tighe


Club Ladies Championship

2017    Winner:   Margaret Turtington                  Runner Up:  Catherine Oakes

2018    Winner:   Brenda Heathcote                     Runner Up:  Barabara Gregory

2019    Winner:   Margaret Turtington                  Runner-Up:  Sandy Whittaker


The Tony Ford Bowls Drive

2015    Winner:  Eileen Hogarth                         Runner Up:  Brenda Heathcote

2016    Winner:  Colin Makinson                         Runner Up:  Harry Riley    

2017   Winner:   Ian Harvey                              Runner Up:  Joyce Danks

2018   Competition cancelled

2019    Winner: Susan Beswick                          Runner Up:  Harry Riley    


B Robinson Singles Knock-out

2012   Winner:   John Haslam

2017    Winner:   Ross Hatzer                              Runner Up:   Stu Houghton


B Robinson Open Pairs

2012  Winners:   Jimmy Darby & M McMahon


Michael Williams Singles Trophy

        2018   Winner:    Lee Evans                                Runner Up:  Lester Mynard


The Sue Holt Trophy


      2018   Winner:    Barry Robinson                         Runner Up:  Stewart Beswick

      2019   Abandoned due to torrential rain and flooding of the Green






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