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Green Maintenance Officer:  Stewart Beswick


Click on the Mower to see if it's your turn to cut the Grass





A big thanks goes to all volunteers who

cut the green, clear the gutters, shift the leaves, paint benches, maintain flowerbeds etc.

Volunteers are always welcome

The condition of the bowling green does not happen by accident but is due to a lot of hard work. 

Many thanks go out to

our Green Manager Stewart Beswick

and all the Volunteers

for their commitment and dedication

Condition of the green (10th May 2021):

Due to spiking of the Green and use of a special purpose soil conditioner, the drainage issues previously seen on the Green have been greatly improved.  Treatment will continue over the coming weeks with additional spiking being planned in and further purchases of soil conditioner have already been made.

You will also notice that the rope sectioning off the bottom quarter of the green has been gradually moved back as the drainage improves and today the bottom corner nearest Bolton Road has been mowed, the rope moved again and this corner section is now available to play on, in anticipation of League matches starting next week on our Green.

I hope that the continual improvement of the playing surface will encourage more Members to use the Booking System and come along to bowl.  The Green appears to be at its busiest between 2pm and 4pm most days but there are plenty of other slots available to be used - if you wish to bowl during these peak times then book a slot early!  All the details are in previous emails or displayed on the Club noticeboard.


Condition of the green (April 2021):

The bowling green is currently undergoing some remedial work to address the surface water retention problem seen at the end of the last season and over winter.

This is a problem we had 10 years ago and was resolved by more frequent aeration and three applications of a specialist enzyme based soil conditioner. The first course of treatment took place mid April.

We have also had to rope off a section of the green where the problem is at its most severe and to re-seed a couple of bare patches.

Additional drainage was put in during October, plus all the gulley drains cleaned and checked for flow, by a small army of volunteers.

We are continuing to closely monitor the condition of the green in preparation for competitive league matches to start mid May.


OCTOBER: Still time to sow grass seed up to the end of the month. Apply an Autumn & Winter fertiliser- 2 x 7-0-14+Fe+Mg @ £28.50 per bag. An application of Wetting Agent to see us through the Winter would be advisable. Check regularly for signs of disease. You can still use a systemic fungicide while the grass is growing. Spray for Leather Jackets at the end of the month. Raise the height of the cut on the mower to 10mm.


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