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Turton & Edgworth C of E Methodist Primary School

The School coaching programme for 2017 is as follows:-

Year 5 - Friday 28th April, Friday 5th May, Friday 12th May, Friday 19th May, all starting at 1:30pm to 3pm.

Year 6 - Friday 9th June, Friday 16th June, Friday 23th June, Friday 30th June, Friday 7th July, Friday 14th July, all starting at 1:30pm to 3pm.

And year 5 will play a match against year 6 on July 7th or 14th.


This Partnership with the School is now in its 11th year and becoming one of the Club's main activities which creates a new environment for the children, who hopefully will return to the sport in their early or later years.


Edgworth Primary School taking part in the Inter-Schools Championship at Corporation Park on Thursday 7th July 2013. The school team usually do very well, having won or come very close each time.


Edgworth Bowling Club are proud to be in partnership with the School. The teaching staff could not have been more helpful in the involvement of the children when they have visited the Bowling Green for their sports sessions. 2017 will be the tenth year of this most enjoyable partnership. All the bowling club volunteers have attended the relevant courses and received the certifications necessary for their involvement with children, including Criminal Records Clearance certificates; and as bowling is a no contact sport the club's Sports Coordinator has every confidence that the children are in a safe and happy environment.

The children's activities are on Friday afternoons from 1.30 pm and the first session involves playing several different fun games involving bowls. This teaches the children about the bias on the bowls influenced by the crown (slope) of the Green, and how to correctly deliver a bowl from the hand to the target.

The rest of the sessions the children are taught the basic rules of the game where they compete in pairs against each other. These sessions teach the children how to enjoy competition, how to score, how to measure, and some of the etiquette and correct behaviour when on the Green. The children have always responded in a positive way and have been a credit to the school and their parents/carers. The ratio of Volunteers to children is 1 Volunteer to 4 children and all are overseen by the Coordinator.


Edgworth Bowling Club-Structured Playing Programme for juniors and/or beginners.

The dates of the School Bowling Sessions are as follows:- Year 5  1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Year 5 will start on Friday 28th April 2016 for 4 weeks until 19th May, then there is a  break followed by Year 6 who start their sessions on Friday 9th June until 14th July. On the 7th or 14th July, Year 5 will play a match against Year 6.


Week 1   Wuds 4 Fun

1  Explain the bias of the Bowls and Jack

2  Explain Wuds 4 Fun games equipment

3  Explain the Green and effect of its Crown

4  Demonstrate bowling action

5  Explain stance on Footer or Mat

6  Explain scoring method of games

Week 2      Playing

1  Practice bowling a length with Jack

2  Practice bowling a length with Jack and  bowl, adjusting size of bowl if necessary.

3  Watch demonstration of bowling bias

4  Practice bowling bias on different parts of green to see the reaction of the bias.

5  Watch demonstration and explanation of measuring equipment.

6  Play a short game using knowledge gained so far.

Week 3      Playing

1  Explanation and demonstration of basic rules and card marking

2  Bowling round the green clockwise and anti-clockwise to gain a better understanding of the bias.

3  Match play using all the information and rules learned so far.

Week 4     Playing

1  Planning a shot using the rule- Look, Land, Line and Length.

2  Introduce more laws of the game

3  Question time

4  Practice with measuring equipment

5  Game play

Week 5     Playing   

1  How to get the best from control practice sessions by playing a length with the first bowl and adjusting the length, bias or both for the second shot.

2  Introduce more laws of the game

3  Playing with weight or firing a bowl, explain what the difference is.

4  Game play

Week 6     Playing      

1  Practice doubles match for all players matching stronger players with weaker players to give confidence to newer or weaker players.

2  Demonstration and practice playing into corners for younger pupils or corner to corner for older players.

3  Game Play

Week 7   Final Class Session  

1  Explanation of league play, the structure of how it works ie. Home and Away matches.

2  Game play and presentation of Certificates.

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The green is now closed for the season.

Inter-Schools Competion at Corporation Park
Inter- Schools Day
Inter- Schools Day
Inter- Schools Day
Inter- Schools Day
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