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We are very excited to offer our first residential experiences this summer, 2012. See below for more details. All courses start on a Saturday which fits in well with train and ferry transport to the island. The Centre is the perfect setting for environmental courses, being close to seashore, mountains, moor and woodlands.  

Come and learn  new eco-skills and meet like minded people, whilst exploring a beautiful Scottish island!




1. What on Earth? – an Introduction to Sustainability, 12 -15 May

2. Practical Sustainable Living, 19 - 26 May

3. Reconnecting with Nature, 2 - 16 June

4. What on Earth? – an Introduction to Sustainability, 23 June - 26 June 

5. Practical Sustainable Living, 14 -21 July

6. Ecorenovation in Action, 28 Jul - 2 Aug

7. Practical Sustainable Living, 4 – 11 Aug

8. Ecorenovation in Action, 18 -23 Aug

9. Reconnecting with Nature, 1 – 15 Sept

10. DIY Renewable Energy, 22 -25 Sept



1. Intro to Sustainability, 12 -15 May and 23 -26 June   

Want to go greener but bamboozled by all the info out there? Want to make some positive changes in your life but dont know where to start? This short introductory course will help you understand what sustainability is all about and give you easy, practical steps you can take to start a greener lifestyle.

Cost: £190 for 3 nights full board and accomodation.


2. Practical Sustainable Living, 19-26 May, 14-21 July, 4-11 August 

An exciting new low-energy living course to help people take practical steps to live more lightly on the planet.  We will explore different themes such as energy, transport, food and focus on practical ways of transforming your life to a low energy lifestyle. Make the connections between our own lives and larger environmental issues, whilst exploring the wilderness of Eigg.  


Cost: £425 for 7 nights full board and accomodation



3. Ecorenovation in Action, 28 July- 2 Aug, 18-23 Aug

During this 5 day course, you will find out how the Earth Connections Centre has been renovated, using environmentally friendly and low cost methods. Through a mixture of theory and practical sessions, we will look at various issues such as heating and energy efficiency in older buildings, insulation, natural materials, and small scale renewable energy sytems. Making some small changes in your home can make a big improvement in your comfort and reduce your energy bills! 

Cost: £320 for 5 nights full board and accomodation



4. Reconnecting with Nature,2-16 June and 1-15 Sept 

This unique 2 week course will give visitors an in-depth experience of living more sustainably and in tune with the natural world. Through workshops and guided outdoor activities we will explore our relationship with nature and learn how to use our natural resources more wisely.

Activities will include gardening, cycling, Iyengar yoga, nature watching, and an amazing 2 night wilderness camping trip. For water lovers there will be a chance to try snorkelling and a sailing trip! There will also be hands on experience with current projects at the Centre, as well as time for relaxation and reflection. Come and be inspired and reinvigorated!


Cost: £600 for 14 nights full board and accomodation, all equipment and tuition provided. 


5. D.I.Y. Renewable Energy, 22-25th Sept

If you are thinking about installing renewable energy in your home, then this informative wend will help you. An overview of the benefits of renewable energy and the different kinds of systems will be explained - solar thermal (hot water), solar pvs, wind power, micro hydro, and wood fuel heating. You will be able to see working examples of these at the Centre and try them out for yourselves. We will also discuss site surveys, grants, costs etc. Optional guided tour of Eigg's renowned island renewable energy scheme.

Cost:£190 for 3 nights full board and accomodation


Other info

We want  our courses to be meaningful and practical for people - there is a max of 12 people on any course, so that we have flexibility to work in small groups or individually. Our ethos is one of learning and sharing new skills together, in a friendly, informal atmosphere.


Accomodation is in single or twin bedrooms with own washbasins, and shared toilets and showers. Meals are vegetarian, made with fresh, organic produce and visitors will have the chance to help prepare food as part of learning about where our food comes from. 



Bursaries available  - drop us an email with your circumstances. For more enquiries please email from Contact Us page or telephone, 01687 482495.



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