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September 2014

Every month we will have a lovely photo of one or more of our members. Please feel free to add your own captions (but note that any unacceptable content will be removed)

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Where possible we will try get your permission if you are on the photo. If you would prefer the photo to be removed please let us know via the feedback for and it will be replaced

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caption comp.
I wonder what he's trying to do with that apple
Posted by dave on 06 September 2014
He's coring it - but don't think too hard about HOW!
Posted by tansy on 06 September 2014
Sept caption
We'll Duckie, you may be a tarte aux pommes but you have a lovely pear
Posted by Shun on 06 September 2014
September Caption Competition
A photo of David 'admiring' Shun's fancy dress costume - From our Bastille Day 2014. I can't help thinking that this could be one of our best competitions.
Posted by Paul M on 31 August 2014
Shun searched desperately for his dignity...
Posted by tansy on 31 August 2014
Bastille Day? I thought the guillotine was supposed to cut people's heads off.
Posted by P Narth on 01 September 2014
14? What size is the other one?
Posted by P Narth on 01 September 2014
I've seen a better arse on a $40 cow
Posted by B Obama on 03 September 2014
How many cow's have you looked at
Posted by D Cameron on 03 September 2014
there is no way I'm going to kiss that fanny well not at least until I've had a few more pints
Posted by Kon on 03 September 2014
it says at the top of the page that "any unacceptable content will be removed" and yet you've posted THIS photograph. shame on you.
Posted by M Whitehouse (dec.) on 04 September 2014
No wonder there are all those American helicopters hovering over our piste
Posted by P Narth on 05 September 2014
I'm not exactly sure what Shun was looking for, but, David has spotted it . . . tucked away, round the back.
Posted by Mr Pointer on 06 September 2014
well, that's the new WPA kit sorted
Posted by maverick on 09 September 2014

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