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Welcome to this Living Educational Theory Research website.


Hello. My name is Jayne Coleman and I am an Academic Physiotherapist!

I work as a Lecturer of Physiotherapy in a Institutue of Higher Education within the UK. Previous to this I was a clinical Physiotherapist in variety of clinical settings and hospital trusts.


This Website

The purpose of this website is to document and evidence my progress as a novice researcher within Higher Education and in particular within Living-Educational-Theory research, and to offer any knowledge gained/ developed for consideration by my peers amongst the growing social network of Living Theory researchers.

The aim of this website is to provide insight into the invaluable opportunity Living-Educational-Theory research provides as a means for developing educational research and generating knowledge concerning Professional Physiotherapy practice within Higher Education.


Living Educational Theory

Rooted within the pursuit of answering the age-old question ‘how can I improve my practice?’, and committed to providing power to the ‘I’ within this statement, Living-Educational-Theory research seeks to provide a platform for social enquiry into contemporary educational practice. As a research approach it moves away from ‘traditional’ educational theory too often restricted to concepts outlined by educational philosophy, sociology, history and psychology. Instead, it recognises the organic and dynamic nature of education, and the role played by us as tutors and most importantly as human beings. 


Whitehead, J. (1989) Creating a living educational theory from questions of the kind,‘How do I improve my practice?’. Cambridge journal of Education, 19(1), pp.41-52.

Whitehead, J. (2008) Using a living theory methodology in improving practice and generating educational knowledge in living theories. Educational Journal of Living Theories, 1(1), pp.103-126

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