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The Original Re-configuration Proposal

This was the original proposal circulated by the ChurchWarden, Keith Bradley, on the 28th March, 2015


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Andrew’s is considering re-organising the interior of the church in the areas of the South aisle and Font.

The church is used regularly for Sunday services, school services and important festivals as well as for baptisms, weddings and funerals, but currently has no storage, kitchen or toilet facilities. Likewise the area in front of the Font becomes over-crowded during baptisms and removal and re-arrangement of the pews in this area is also being considered.

 The PCC is in agreement that both these situations can be improved, and is proposing a plan to incorporate the following modifications to the church in two phases, see Fig 1.

Phase 1- Facilities

Remove pews in the south side and create a new enlarged internal room replacing the current Robing Vestry to within 25cms of the first window, see Fig 2. In this room will be located:

  1. A smaller room incorporating a disabled toilet and wash basin.
  2. Outside the toilet but within the larger room storage cupboards to contain many of the items which are currently littering the church and Sacristy.

Outside this room but backing on to it will be a Kitchenette providing a sink, hot water heater and storage cupboards for crockery and cutlery.

The proposal also includes the fitting of two electric radiators on the South wall to provide extra heating in the area where the pews have been removed.

Provision of a Septic Tank will be made for the sink and toilet outlets which would be sunk into the ground outside the south wall of the church. This would periodically need emptying and replenishing.

Purchase of approved chairs and tables to enable community activities to be conducted in the South aisle.

Phase 2-Font area

Remove three pews B, C and D see Fig 3 on the right hand side when looking at the Font. The right hand pew A remains in position. One of the three pews removed (B) is then placed along the right hand wall from the back of the front right hand pew A to the pillar and faces the Tower staircase, Fig 3a. The front left hand pews are retained. The area now accommodates a larger number of people attending a baptism, with some seating, or parking for several push chairs and wheelchairs when family services are taking place. Extra chairs are provided from the South aisle when needs arise.​

The PCC have consulted the church architect, Mr John Turnbull concerning the feasibility of such changes listed above and he has confirmed that they are indeed possible and are in fact being encouraged by the Diocese. He is personally involved with nineteen other churches in Dorset that have either completed a similar project or are in the middle of their re-ordering. The PCC is seeking approval for the accompanying re-ordering of the inside of St Andrew’s to improve the facilities and enhance the comfort of its congregation and visitors alike. There is no alteration to the appearance of the church other than an egress pipe for waste products on the south side of the building.

Pews that are removed will be sold thereby providing some funds towards this re-ordering.

This image may be downloaded from the Library.

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