Welcome to the Spanglefish 2.0 User Manual

Note that Spanglefish 2 is a legacy system. It was created in 2012 and is no longer updated. The latest version of the system is Spanglefish 3, a modern, properly mobile friendly CMS. If you're looking for the Spanglefish 3 manual, click here.

We believe that your Spanglefish web site will be the easiest web publishing tool you’ve ever used. The built-in editing system will let you change the content and images of your site quickly and simply, and from any location where you have internet access. If you can use a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Chrome) and a word processor (like MS Word, Pages or Open Office), then you’ll find editing your Spanglefish site very straightforward.

This manual will give you a quick introduction to the powerful capabilities of Spanglefish, and includes features only available if you have upgraded to Spanglefish GOLD.

But don't worry - you don't need to be a web programmer to use the full potential of your Spanglefish web site - it’s designed to provide you with a powerful, but very easy to use, website. If you do get stuck, then there is also an online Spanglefish User Forum where experienced users may be able to offer advice and help - you can access this in the Site Settings page of your Admin system, in the Help section.

About Spanglefish 2.0

Spanglefish 2.0 offers many major upgrades over Spanglefish 1.0. One of the most significant changes is the entire redesign of the site editing interface to make things simpler and more logical for you by separating page-centric editing from site-wide settings.

The first change you will notice is that when you when you login your site will now display a convenient tabbed control bar across the top . . .

spanglefish 2 - control bar

This control bar features tabs for . . .

  • Edit Pages - Lets you edit your actual site pages, so that you can add text and images to them.
  • Site Settings - Lets you edit and manage site-wide settings for things like personal information, over-all site colouring, banner selection, template selection, map location, site alignment, administrators, etc.
  • Manage Images - Lets you view and manage the images in your Image Bank and upload more.
  • Manage Documents - Lets you manage documents in your site's Document Library and upload more.
  • Site Statistics - Lets you use the basic built-in statistics system to monitor visitor traffic, or easily add your Google Analytics account code to your site pages.
  • Manual & Forum - this tab links from your site to this Manual site that you are reading now, and also provides a link to helpful information on our Spanglefish Users Online Forum.
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