Ross Sutherland Seniors Golf Society


(Revised and approved at the Annual General Meeting -   October, 2016)


1. Name. The name of the Society is the Ross Sutherland Seniors Golf Society.


2. Object. The object of the Society is to organise golfing or other activities for the enjoyment of the members and also donate surplus funds to charity.


3. Membership. This is open to-

(a) male golfers who are 60 years or over and who are also members of golf clubs in Ross and Sutherland affiliated to the Society.

(b) the maximum membership shall be determined by the Executive Committee, taking account of practical considerations.

(c) honorary membership shall be approved at an AGM.

(d) to accommodate any member no longer physically fit to travel and play regularly there is a category of Non-playing Member who may still, if they wish, play at the meeting at their home club.

(e) members who make fewer than 4 out of the possible meetings during one season may be asked to relinquish their membership to permit a potentially more active member to be admitted from the waiting list.

(f) other requirements for membership may be determined as circumstances demand.


4. Affiliation. If non-affiliated golf clubs in Ross and Sutherland apply for affiliation, such applications will be considered by the Executive Committee and, if recommended, will be put to a vote at an AGM.


5. Subscriptions. The once-off entry fee, the annual subscription and the competition day fee, taking account of a recommendation from the Treasurer and Executive Committee, will be determined at the AGM. The financial year will run from 1st October to 30th September. The latest date for payment of subscriptions will be 31st January and Club Representatives will be responsible for their collection. Failure to pay the sum due by the required date may result in the forfeit of membership.


6. Executive Committee. Each affiliated Club shall elect a member to serve as Club Representative on the Executive Committee. The following officers will be elected at the AGM:- Captain and Vice-captain. The Committee shall appoint the Secretary and Treasurer, who will have voting rights. The past Captain, if not a Club Representative, will serve on the Committee for one further year. The Captain will chair all meetings and in his absence the Vice-captain will chair. Each will have a casting vote.


7. Annual General Meetings. The ultimate authority of the Society will be the Annual General Meeting. All members are eligible to attend and vote, and all decisions will be by a simple majority. The AGM will be held between 1st and 31st October.


8. Special Meetings. These may be called by a request signed by 15 members submitted to the Secretary and shall be called within 4 weeks of the submission. The Secretary will inform Club Representatives who have the responsibility to advise members.


9. Committee Meetings. These will take place as and when necessary and the Secretary will give at least 7 days notice of such meetings.


10. Treasurer. The funds of the Society will be held in a bank under the name of the Society. Transactions drawn on the account must be signed by Treasurer and Secretary.


11. Accounts. The accounts will be subjected to independent scrutiny and the Treasurer will submit to the AGM a financial statement for the year. The Captain of the past year will have the power to make a donation from the Society’s funds to a charity of his choice.


12. Amendments. Any amendments to the Constitution can only be made at an Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting.

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