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Welcome to Chichester Repeater located North Bersted, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

This analogue repeater is on channel RU77, Output frequency 430.9625MHz, Input frequency 438.5625MHz, CTCSS access 88.5Hz.

Aerial is a Diamond DX-50 at 20 feet AGL, ERP is 11dBW

Repeater access is 1 seconds carrier with CTCSS 88.5Hz, successful access confirmed by a single K acknowledgement. If an over takes more than 5 minutes a watchdog timer is initiated with pips over the stations over for approximately 10 seconds. The repeater will then announce full I.D and shut down. Upon cessation of the stations transmission the repeater will send an OK in morse code. Normal access can then be resumed.

CTCSS is disabled on the acknowledgement K and ident announcements, this is for future implimentation of AllStar so to hear the K signifying end of over and idents, please turn off your radios Tone Squelch  or TSQL.

Battery backup is now implemented, this should give 1-2 hours operation in the event of mains failure.

Please note, Allstar is now implemented and links GB3CC to GB3RW at Worthing, GB3LR at Newhaven, GB3EB at Uckfield, GB7ZE at Hastings, then the whole of Sussex will be covered. When you put a call out on GB3CC it will also come out on the above repeaters, this should give a welcome increase in activity as well as helping mobiles crossing Sussex.

To disconnect GB3CC from AllStar for local  nets etc.,  DTMF *76, you will hear a disconnected message to confirm. To reconnect GB3CC to AllStar DTMF *355338, again locally you will hear a connected message to confirm.

You can directly access one of the 4 other repeaters in the group after disconnecting from AllStar ( *76 )  by using following codes:-

GB3RW  *355196

GB3LR   *346379

GB3EB   *346996

GB3ZE   *353740

Please remember to disconnect from chosen repeater when finished by dialling *76 .



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