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Family 2 - Baskerville-Mynors

We have a slight mystery here . . .

(Caroline Elizabeth) "Carrie", daughter of Henry Clay, was born in 1831, married Rev Walter Baskerville-Mynors (1826-99), on 3 April 1856 in Steyning, West Sussex, and died on 3 October 1922 aged 91. 

But . . . what children did she have ?

Her husband came from Radnor.  These were born in Presteigne, Radnorshire (abstracted from the List in para 4. below) -
Arthur Clynton Q3, 1856, 
Charles, Q3, 1859,
Audley, Q2, 1862,
Beatrice Eleanor Q4, 1857

Or did she have - from here - a transcription from Burk's Landed Gentry
Harry Walter Baskerville Mynors b. 28 Oct 1857, d. 6 Jun 1938
Evelyn Baskerville Mynors b. 9 Dec 1860, d. 4 Dec 1915
Nigel Baskerville Mynors b. 22 Aug 1862, d. 12 Jun 1880
Reverend Aubrey Baskerville Mynors b. 13 Apr 1865, d. 11 Apr 1937

The 1861 Census (for the household of her father Henry Clay) has
Caroline Elizabeth Mynors age 30 Daughter married     "        "          "        "
Walter Baskerville Mynors  "    34 Son in Law Rector and JP.  Born Old Radnor.

Arthur Baskerville Mynors  "    3  Grandson      Born Langstone.
Evelyn Baskerville Mynors  "    0  Grandaughter  "           "

(Langstone is a village near Havant, Hampshire, 35 miles West from where they were married, in Steyning.)

The 1871 Census shows them at Llanwarne, Herefordshire:-

Walter B Mynors  birth:1827 Old Radnor, Radnorshire
Caroline E Mynors
Evelyn B Mynors,
Nigel B Mynors,
Aubrey B Mynors

The eldest (whatever his name) would probably have been at boarding school.

Tenyears later, in 1881, Harry, now 23, is at Oxford - but curiously, so is his mother !

Harry W B Mynors, birth:1858, Llanwarne, Herefordshire,
residence: Oxford St Giles,
other: Caroline E Mynors,

In the 1911 Census, at that address, it is now Harry (married) who is the Head of the household, and his mother is there too :-

Harry Walter Baskerville Mynors, Head, b:1858 Llanwarne, Herefordshire
residence:1911 Llanwarne, Herefordshire
mother:Caroline Elizabeth Mynors
spouse:Edith Katharine Mynors

From here - a transcription of the Registrar-General's Index:-

Search for Births
Surname: Mynors
Start date: Mar 1856
End date: Dec 1867

Year Quarter  Surname     First name(s)           District      Vol Page 
1856  3       Mynors Arthur Clynton Baskerville  Presteigne 11b148
1856  4       Mynors Florence Annie                  Solihull 6d417
1857  4       Mynors Alice Eleanor Baskerville    Shepton Mallet 5c530
1857  4       Mynors Beatrice Eleanor                Presteigne 11b150
1857  4       Mynors Charles Walter                  Ross 6a383
1859  3       MYNORS Charles Baskerville          Presteigne 11b155
1859  3       Mynors Thomas                            Wolverhampton 6b459
1860  4       MYNORS Sybil Agnes                    Shepton M 5c541
1860  4       MYNORS Female                           Ross 6a391
1862  2       MYNORS Audley Baskerville           Presteigne 11b165
1862  3       MYNORS Male                              Ross 6a424
1864  2       MYNORS Margaret Beatrice           Tetbury 6a315
1865  2       MYNORS Aubrey Baskerville          Ross 6a429
1866  3       Mynors Florence                          Shardlow 7b307
1866  3       Mynors Violet M                           Kensington 1a109

There is no "Harry" nor "Henry"
There is no "Evelyn" - but there is an un-named female.
There is no "Nigel" - but there is an un-named male.

The four dates given in Para 2. above match the dates of the four births in Ross, which is Ross-on-Wy, in Herefordshire.. 

The Census recorded an "Arthur", who - it seems - was actually named Charles, but was called Harry !






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