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Useful Software

Here is some useful software that you may wish to dowload for free in order to try and create your own compositions.


This is a universal ASIO driver for WDM audio. It is compatible with most (non ASIO) soundcards and a quick way to improve latency and sound quality without needing to buy new hardward. The software is free of charge and can be dowloaded from


In order to be able to play VST instruments you need a VST host. If you don't want to invest in a very complex piece of virtual recording software, this is an excellent free alternative. It even has some basic recording facilities. You can find all about it on the website of


A utility that allows you to create virtual MIDI links within your PC (not Vista compatible yet). An ideal piece of software if you want to link several VST instruments together and play one through the other. I use MIDI Yoke when I play live using the DV S16. You can download MIDI Yoke for free from


Want to edit your recording and turn it into a composition. A piece of software I use a lot for this purpose is Audacity. It is very easy to use and of a very high quality. And again completely free. Download it from

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