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Native Hardwoods Visit the new website for more information- reidtimber.co.uk

Thanks to connections with a number of local sawmills and tree contractors I am always able to stock a range of locally grown and milled timber. Elm and Yew predominate but many other species are available. The timber is usually sold as full boards but smaller pieces are also stocked as well as a good stock of timbers specifically cut for use as Mantlepieces. All the native timbers are air dried, some of the very large sections are sold as part seasoned. Check out the photos for a representative sample of stock.

A range of Scottish Hardwoods as shown in the photos is available in a variety of sizes and shapes including full boards with bark both sides, smaller pieces and blocks cut specifically for mantle pieces. Mostly Elm Oak and Yew. but other species are usually available

Here's some Spalted beech, spalting occurs when the tree is left to start the decay process but before it goes too far the tree is milled and dried, this leaves the characteristic patches and black boundary lines, the timber is softer than usual but can be hardened with cellulose sanding sealer and a laquer finish if required, although an oil finish is usually sufficient.

Some Yew planks newly milled and ready for drying, Yew is an attractive red timber with cream sapwood and generally is has a lot of interesting features, burrs, knots, patches of colour and holes. Stocked in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Laburnum, a common garden tree with a deep green heartwood and pale cream sapwood, seen here as slices and slabs. Hard to get but popular when in stock.

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