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Winners 2017-18

2017/2018 Season
Trophy Winners
A Winners Black & Whites 42  
A Runner up Robins 34  
B Winners Trouser Ferrets 36  
B Runner up Nuts & Bolts 33  
C Winners Cannonites 38  
C Runner up Sidmouth Eagles 31 Away Pins
A Winners Ladies Dynamos 36  
A Runner up Ladies Fabulous Fiddlers 26 Away Pins
Whitbread Cup Winners Fabulous Fiddlers 442  
Whitbread Cup Runner up Clangers 414  
Gerald Mitchell Cup Winners Stumpers 490  
Gerald Mitchell Cup Runner up Winslade Buccaneers 467  
Ladies Individual Winner J Maker Henbirds 64  
Ladies Individual Runner up D Marsh Dynamos 60  
A to C Individual Winner D Waddington Loungers 71  
A to C Individual Runner up J Williams Hawks 70  
Queen Pin B Pearce Fabulous Fiddlers 82  
King Pin P Sansom Spuddlers 87  
Ladies Away Average S Faulkner Dynamos 59.71  
A to C Away Average G Pike Flying Bolts 64.09  
Ladies Away Team Average Dynamos 424.4  
A to C Away Team Average Black & Whites 474.85  
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