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Winchester Spiritualist Church

There has been a Spiritualist Church in Winchester since the 1950s.  As the Church does not have its own building, various halls have been its home over the years.  For a number of years now Winchester Spiritualist Church has been held at the Stanmore Community Centre.

Stanmore Community Centre is situated at the bottom of Somers Close off Wavell Road, Stanmore, Winchester.  Car parking is available.

On Sundays at 6.30pm there is a Divine Service with a different Guest Medium each week.   Flo, who was the Guardian of the Church for many years decided to retire in 2016 and handed the church to Lynn Sweed.   In 2018 Lynn took a short break and retook the church over in 2019

Lynn made a promise to Flo to take on Guardianship of this independant Church and keep it open demonstrating her Mediumship as well as encouraging others to serve, since officially 1992, although involved in Spiritualism a long time before then.

Sadly in 2019 Flo Crockford's passed to spirit, but her presents was felt during the service as Lynn recalls "There were 3 signs given to me that day by Flo that she was with us.  Two were a Bumble Bee which landed on my shoulder followed by a Butterfly which hovered round us.  This was followed by finding a lovely feather on the inside of the building on the door mat.  I had walked through those doors on at least two occasions just before!"

Here we find ourselves in 2020 and difficult times during Covid-19 restrictions, plus various changes ahead.  Lynn Sweed is moving on to new ventures, where we all wish her every success and look forward to her visits to the church in the upcoming year.  Taking her place is the lovely Janet Fenner who will be chairing at the  Divine services on Sunday evenings.  We also wish Janet all the best in her new role and know she will be a gem to the church.

Please rest assured we are working behind the scenes to keep Winchester Independent Spritualist Church open for all

Guest Mediums are encouraged to demonstrate their unique gift of mediumship without any restrictions.






06th December 2020  - 

Start time 6.30pm - 8pm   (please arrive by 6.20pm)

Covid Restrictions are in place, ie please wear a face mask or shield, social distance and track and trace.

There will be no refreshments however you may bring your own non alcoholic drink.

There will be no tissues available either.

Due to limited number please notify me either by phone or Facebook that you wish to attend.  I should be unhappy to turn someone away because I have reached the quota of 30.

Current information of events can be found on Facebook or please contact myself, Lynn Sweed


All Welcome

Enquiries :  winchesterspiritualistchurch@gmail.com



Set up for social distancing....YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND.







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