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Unvented hot water service

Unvented hot water cylinders (megaflows)  are now common place in the highlands, they if installed correctly give more hot water flow and pressure than a standard hot water cylinder that is fed from a tank in the roofspace, meaning the owener of an unvented cylinder can enjoy brilliant showers. I have one and I love it.

But although Unvented cylinders have better performance both in water flow and heat recovery they have a draw back, They like any heating boiler require a annual saftey check or service to comply with manafactures warrenty, Home Insurance. 

Maintenance and inspection should be carried out to concide with boiler ir heater maintenance on a annual basis by a competant person. I am happy to say wheeler Plumbing holds the correct qualifcations to service and maintain these cylinder. So if you are a homeowner, landlord it would be worth contacting us about a service.A typical service costs around £50 including service paperwork.

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