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Come and join the Wirral Asian Association. Our aim is to help Asian communities living on the Wirral Irrespective of their religious belief and to assist them to cope with the stresses of life. 


 Our non profit making organization can provide advice and help in the fields of education, jobs, housing and health.  We also organise social and cultural activities.


 The centre has facilities to assist in the teaching of Asian languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi etc…(Subject to demand and availability) and for the teaching of instrumental Music ( i.e. Tabla, harmonium etc).There are also plans for YOGA classes - all are welcome …………


 For further information please contact the Wirral Multicultural Centre Asian workers, health workers and/or Shamim at the desk.


 If you wish to organize an event for the community contact Shaheen Hussein.



Create and improve lines of communication amongst all members - be better informed of WAA events well in advance -(a WAA Website).

 We are particularly keen to encourage young Asians to take an active role by joining and forming their own youth groups.



 Email: info@wmo.org.uk



Generate and increase interest within the community by organising community programs and events.

 Web Address: www.wmo.org.uk



Raise the profile of the WAA on the Wirral in order to bring the community together.


 Our main aims are to:  

 Telephone: +44 (0)151 666 4547

  • In order to serve the community better, make available a forum for feedback and discussion -you choose what you want from your WAA you have your input.
  • Support the community so we can make available funding and resources for example:

    For hosting cultural events, melas, bazaars, cultural outings, outdoor pursuits etc.

Organising workshops /teaching  music, cooking, dance, art, cultural puppet shows, story telling, languages etc.











These lists are endless - all we need are your suggestions!!   












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