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The Neath Guardian website group are not responsible for any advertisement placed on this website by the hosting service and do not endorse them in anyway whatsoever.

The editorial team accepts messages in good faith and cannot be held responsible for their content.

Messages will appear as written - but the editorial team reserves the right to edit to suit the space available.

Messages should be limited to two or three lines and should NOT include telephone numbers, email addresses or website addresses.

All messages should be of a personal nature and should not include any commercial material.

No information is stored (other than your message) and no details are passed on to any third party.

Anyone has the right to object to a message and can request to have it removed if it clearly refers to an individual in an objectionable manner.   Anyone making such a request must give full details of their complaint along with their contact details which will be withheld from public view. (The message form can be used for this - or in the unlikely event of any problem).

This website aims to be light hearted, giving the means for individuals to express their feeling towards another person.

The editorial regrets it cannot enter into correspondence with any reader.

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