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Upminster Online Club

Detailed instructions for joining online tournaments for Upminster members only

This is a four step process. The first three steps must be completed only once and are best done at least a day or two before your first online Upminster evening. Step 4 is entering a specific event, so must be done for each event you wish to play in.

Step 1: Set up your free lichess account

If you don’t already have a lichess account set one up here.

You will get a screen like the one below

Add your details, slide the sliders to the right to accept the terms and conditions and click the register button.

Your account is then set up.

Step 2: Put your real name on your account profile

You don’t have to do this, but it is really helpful if you add your real name to your account, so people can see who is who. Once you are logged in you can do this by
o Clicking on your user name in the top right hand corner

o Click the Profile menu option
o Click the settings button as shown in the screen capture

o Enter your real name on the next screen.

Step 3: Join the right "team" or "teams" on Lichess.   

lichess calls them teams but for our purposes they are just groups that allow us to play together.

Go to and request to join the Upminster Chess Club “team”. This group is administered by me (username Alhemet), and if you identify yourself clearly to me as an Upminster member I will add you to the group. Please allow me a day or so to do this.

Step 4: Join an Event

You will need to do this for each event you want to enter. As soon as I have set an event up you can join it, or you can join it a minute before it starts, or even after it has started! Below is an example of joining a test event called “Upminster Test Arena” which I have set up.

Firstly from within lichess, hightlight the Community menu option and click on the Teams sub-menu.

 You will get a screen like the one below which shows which teams you are a member of

Click on Upminster Chess Club and you will get a screen showing information on what events have been set up. The Test tournament will appear as below 

All you have to do is click on the tournament and then click on the green 'Join' button to take part in the fun!



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