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Hi Donksters,

well, 2011 turned out to be a busy year for us, the band has gone through some changes after Mat and Mitch left at the end of the year. Hopefully the maturity in the band will lend itself to a slightly different direction/approach now.

We are really excited by the prospect of the rest of 2012, lots lined up as usual, the regular Charity events and what appears to be a regular spot at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth again! There's also the possibility we could be playing Christchurch Festival for the second year in a row, that's a great honour if it happens as they don't often ask bands back on consecutive years! 

You lot have been fantastic, your support has been great, we love to see you and you can leave comments and photos here on the website by clicking the 'Feedback' tab on the left or email the photos to us and we'll put the best ones up on the site.

We would like  to say a special thank you to Cameron for his fabulous singing at The Nelson and for helping us out from time to time with his support, he is our favourite fan. Thanks Cam, see you soon mate

I'll try to keep this page updated as much as I can on a regular basis so please check back regularly


13th June.

Gig at The Lord Nelson tomorrow night for 'Bike Nite '.. Come on down, we'd love to see you

14th June

 Gig cancelled due to Jools being too ill to perform. Back at The Lord Nelson on the 28th June.

16th June

Good news, Jools is much better and we will be back at The Lord Nelson on 28th June.

Also, don't forget to come to The Christchurch Festival on 2nd July, we're playing at 7:35pm

20th June

Right! I've updated the 'EQUIPMENT' page to represent all the gear that we use at the present. It changes quite a lot as we buy/upgrade stuff. I will try to keep up!

28th June

Great gig at The Lord Nelson tonight, we really enjoyed ourselves, thanks very much to all those that came and supported us, nice to see the old faces and some new ones too. Next date is 2nd July at The Christchurch Festival, we're on at 7:35pm, come along and have a great day out with good food, good company and good music, hope to see you there.

2nd July

Absolutley fabulous gig at The Christchurch Festival tonight, great venue, great crowd and great fun! Thanks to all that came to see the bands and a special thanks to those that came to see us.

7th July 

We're working on new material, we're also playing this weekend at The Parish Fayre for St Mary's Church on Wimborne Road, Poole, we're on at about 12:00 noon, come along and bring the family for a great day of fun and music!

9th July

What a great day we had at St Mary's Parish Fayre, wonderful turnout of people, fabulous weather and a brilliant time was had by all, well done to all those involved. See you next year!

13th July

Hi folks, an absolutely cracking gig at the Lord Nelson last night, great crowd of people and some fabulous audience participation on 'Shout'. Thanks for all the nice comments and support. Great inaugaral solo performance by Mat our drummer on the guitar, splendid stuff!  See you on the 26th!

22nd July

Jools birthday tomorrow, going to spend some time with her then we're backstage at The Great Dorset Talent Show at The Lighthouse theatre. Gig on the 26th at The Lord Nelson, see you all there!

27th July

Well, what a great night at The Lord Nelson last night! We had a tremendous time, it was wonderful to see so many faces we knew there, thank you all so much for the kind comments you made. Special thanks to Simon Lane (winner of the Great Dorset Talent Show) for coming along to see us 'Well done mate'. Thanks to all the regulars for helping on 'Shout' again and also to some of the non-regulars! Thanks to all the staff and to Anna for making Jools official birthday so special too! See you all on the 9th of August!

30th July

What an absolutely brilliant day we had at Osborn House, we played for the members 'Gig in the Garden' and had a fantastic day there, what wonderful people you all are, thanks very much for making us feel so welcome. Hope to see you next year!

 9th August

A stonker of a gig at The Lord Nelson last night! Thank you so much for coming along and supporting us, you always make the nights so much fun. Thanks to all the Marines that came in and cheered us on and a special thanks to Jan and to the lady that got me beer!  Next gig at The Donkey Sanctuary on the 14th of August, see you all there!

14th August

Well Donksters, we've been and conquered the Donkey Sanctuary for the day! Great gig, really appreciative audience and a special thank you to Ernest Gale (Hunky) and Louis Gale for making it down to see us. Nice one fellas! Thanks to the audience for their wonderful participation on 'Shout' and for those people who kindly donated to our petrol money. We loved the whole day. If I can get the video to download I'll stick it on tomorrow! Eeeeaaawesome! Ta very muchly!

Try clicking here!

 29th August

Well tomorrow (30th) finds us back at The Lord Nelson for 'Bike Night'. Lets hope the weather's good and we see all our old friends and make some new ones too! See you all there! 

 30th August

Hi Donksters, well, a bit of a strange night at The Lord Nelson, started very busy, went quiet and then livened up towards the end. A great night was had by the band and much appreciation goes to the crowd for cheering us on! We had a blast! See you all on the 13th September!

4th September

Had a bit of a private gig at The Blue Vinny this afternoon, raIsing money for a good friends cause. Weather was awful and we had to call it a day half way through as we were outside under Gazebo's and the rain just bucketed down. Equipment all wet! Hope it all still works! Oh, and it was my (Paul) birthday too!

8th September

Its the day before the gig at The Plume of Feathers in Sherborne, all the gears been checked, this is a new venue for us, we want to have a great gig. Can't wait to meet Terri, hope she likes us!

9th September

Well, it was a great success at The Plume, what a great crowd of people and Terri is just wonderful. can't wait to get back on November 11th!

13th Sepember

The Lord Nelson gig was a strange one tonight, started quiet and ended up fairly busy, great participation in 'Shout' again, I went wireless and followed Jools round the pub, great fun. Next one on the 27th September, last Bike Night of the year, make sure you get yourself down!

26th Sept

Last Bike Night on the Quay, get down and get Wonked senseless!! See you all there!

27th Sept

Just like to say 'Thanks' for all the great messages and the support given to us last night at The Lord Nelson, we had a brilliant time and it was fab to see so many people we knew there, thanks again Donksters! Next date at The Nelson is Friday 28th October!

21st October

Rehearsals last night, great time had by all, got 2 songs sorted out and should debut them on the 28th at The Lord Nelson. Come on down and be part of the party!

25th October

Well, just a few words so ya don't get bored! Next years dates at The Nelson are sorted, just need a few more venue's to come through and we'll be busy again in 2012. See you all at The Nelson on Friday!       Cheers Donksters!

28th October

Some sad news I'm afraid, Mat and Mitch have decided to move on from The Wonky Donkeys and they're last gig will be on January 6th at The Lord Nelson.

We wish them both success with the future and thank them both very much for the huge contribution they have made and the time and effort they have given to the band and also to us as friends. We will miss them.

29th October

Wow! What a great gig at The Lord Nelson last night, you guys are incredible, fabulous singing! Very tired today! A truly wondeful evening, thank you all very much!

9th November

Well, rehearsals with the new drummer Mark went well last night, we'll be using his services at The Plume of Feathers this Friday (11th Nov). Come along and have some fun. Jools will be playing bass and singing (clever girl). See you soon!

12th November

Well,  what a great night at The Plume last night, a huge thanks to Mark for his drumming and a very special thanks to my gorgeous wife Jools for playing Bass AND singing, some wonderful comments from the audience, thanks a lot! See you all soon!

16th November

Well, looks like we could have ourselves a new Bass player, Tony is going to come along to rehearsals and 'give it a go' , we've met him and he's a really nice bloke so I hope he fits in. Apparentley he's a big Michael Buble fan! (No, that's a joke!)

28th December

Hello Donkey fans, well, Christmas has been and gone, we hope you all got what you wished for! Don't forget the Nelson this Friday, the 30th for our own version of 'The End of The Year Show' See you all there!

31st December

Well Donksters, the last gig of 2011 last night was a brilliant success thanks to you lot. We'd just like to thank you all for your tremendous support throughout 2011 and hope to see you all in 2012. Our very best wishes to you all and your families for the coming year. Happy New Year!  Next gig is on the 6th January at The Nelson, our favourite venue! Wonk on!


NewsFlash 6th January

Tonight's gig cancelled due to Jools having Bronchitis (really badly) sorry Donksters. Also, thats the last time Mat & Mitch would have been with us. So, from today, new line up, new set list, we'll be back at The Nelson soon!

9th January

Well, that's the first rehearsal with the new lads over! Shame Jools was too ill to attend and sing, hopefully she'll be back for next Tuesdays rehearsal! 

18th January

Well, been a bit of a week personally, both Jools and I have had a rough time with illness lately but, hopefully, we're on the mend now. Rehearsals next week should be fun, the two new lads are working out just fine. Their maturity brings a different edge to the band we've not experienced before and we're looking forward to adding some more songs to the set list!  

26th January

Just some more news for you all, rehearsals with Mark and Tony are coming along fine now, already worked on a new number and going to do another next rehearsal. It's all coming along fantastically. We'll see you all at The Lord Nelson on 16th March for a right good Wonking! Stay tuned for more news!                                                         P.S. Just heard the bill for 'live music' has been passed and has just got to go through it's final stage (a formality) and then venues that hold 200 or less people have no need to have a music license to provide live amplified music. Great News!

12th February

Some serious rehearsals are taking place every Tuesday at the moment, things are coming along well, we're getting tighter every week. Looking forward to 16th March for our first 'live' gig with the full new line up! Keep checking back for more news!

23rd February

Well, bit of a let down last Tuesday, Mark not available and Mike in Goa! Jools and me went to rehearsals on our own! On a plus note, we did do some serious stuff and tightened up a few timing issues etc. Only three rehearsal dates till the first 'Live' performance with the new guys! Plus... we're playing the '10 Bands in 10 Hours' gig at the Westbourne on May 26th, get your selves along and support this fabulous charity event. We have also been confirmed for our return gig at St Mary's Church Fete on 30th June and the MS Society 'Gig in the Garden' on 28th July and The Donkey Sanctuary have asked us back on 12th August to play at their marvellous Summer Fair fundraiser! It's another busy year! Eeeaaawesome news Donksters! 

28th February

Rehearsals again tonight were good, no Mike as he's in Goa (not that we're jealous or anything) so it made things a bit different. Being the only guitarist last night made me wonder how some of these other bands get away with just one guitar? The sound we had was so weak compared to when there are two of us. Still, it was a pretty good opportunity to go over some of the less well rehearsed material. The new facilities at North Road are OK but no canteen, so nothing to drink! I missed my coffee! I understand that Absolute Music are setting up the colleges old rehearsal rooms with Vox AC30's and the like. We'll have to give it a try one night! See you all soon Donksters.

3rd March

   OK Donksters, here's a suggestion, can you tell us what song you would like to hear if you came to see us play? Your suggestions will get serious consideration and we'll play the best ones as soon as we've learned them.

7th March

Some really upsetting news I'm afraid. We won't be able to make The Donkey Sanctuary Summer Fair this year due to other committments by some of our band members. A bit sad but that's how things go. I hope this doesn't affect any future gigs we may have with them as we really enjoy our time supporting this wonderful cause. We wish them every success with their fundraisng and hope they can raise more than the £11,500 they made last year.

13th March

Rehearsals again tonight, we're going to run theough the whole two sets that we'll be performing on Friday at The Lord Nelson. Can't wait to play at our favourite venue again, it seems like it's been ages! I'll post soon and let you all know how it all goes! Rock on Donksters!

17th March

Well! That's the first gig with the two new boys, Mark and Tony and what a great night it was too! Thank you so much to all who made us feel so welcome and sang and jigged the night away. Special thanks to Anna for joining in on Shout and the audience for their participation. We had a brilliant time and can't wait to come back on 10th April for our first Bike Night! Eeeaaawesome! 

28th March

Bloody Hell! Ain't the weather nice? Be good to be outdoors on Poole Quay playing right now! Not long now Donksters, we're back for 'Bike Nights' starting April 10th at The Lord Nelson for 8 till 11. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral! Tarra for now!! 

11th April

Well, what a cracker our first Bike Night turned out to be in the end! It was absolutely fabulous to see so many faces in the crowd that we knew so well. A huge thank you to all the bikers that stayed and rocked the night away, especially Ozy Chris who had ridden down from Scotland! We had a great evening of entertainment and we loved every minute of it. An extra special 'Thank you' goes out to the wonderfully talented Cameron, who sang his socks off during 'Shout' and wowed the audience with his talent. Watch out Mum's he's gonna break hearts!  Thanks also to the couple (Stephen and ?)who stayed down from the Midlands especially to see us, great, thanks for your kind offer too! Thank you everyone for a great night! See you soon on May 8th for round two! Please don't forget Blues Jam on the 18th April and Jools Blues All Stars at 3:00pm on Sunday 22nd April. Come along and show your support as only you guys/gals can. Ta!

12th April

Hi everyone, just a quickie, to say we've just uploaded a couple of photos of the band, come have a look at them and let us know which is your favourite!

17th April

Great rehearsal last night, no drummer due to Mark being unavailable due to family committments, but, we brought our drum machine along, it never got tired or complained once! Watch out Mark! :-) On a serious note, we managed to get some good work done on two more numbers and we should be performing at least one of them on 8th May! We're having so much fun at the moment! A fair few charity events coming along soon for us, please keep an eye open for them on our Facebook Events page and see if you can get along and support us and help these causes. Every little helps as someone once said! See you soon!

9th May 

Well, wasn't that fun? Thanks you lot for a terrific evening, thanks thanks to Jenna for popping in too (she might be our new drummer!) Once again the singing on 'Shout' was outstanding, we love you all, see you 5th June. More news to follow! Tarra Donksters!

28th May

Well, lots of news, we have a new drummer, Jenna, as Mark has had a change of circumstances and doesn't feel he can carry on with the band. Jenna will perform her first 'live' gig at The MS Society Gig in The Garden on 30th June, lets all wish her well and every success with the band, she's great, lively, keen and a very good drummist too! The 10 Bands in 10 Hours Charity Band Bash at The Westbourne on Saturday was a tremendous success for all concerned and me and the rest of the band would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all who attended and especiall;y to Brain for the organising of it all. Brian, you and Sue and Adele are just marvellous and it's a real privelidge to know you. Ta! See you all soon!

4th July

Well, what a storming gig that was, Jenna was bloody brilliant, we've got a good'un there! Fabulous audience participation, as usual, ta very much. See you in September!

23rd July 

Jools birthday today! Happy Birthday Jools!

Rehearsals again tomorrow, new song to go over before the gigs at the week end. Jenna is great, perfect timing and learns very quickly, a great addition to the band. Next gig for us is at St Mary's Church, Wimborne Road on Saturday 28th July for their Summer Fete. We're there from 12:00 noon so come along and show your support, after that we're at The Willett Arms on Sunday 29th July from 4:00pm supporting Julia's House, come along and give to this wonderful cause! Next gig at The Nelson is on September 4th, my birthday! See you all there Donksters.

3rd August

Well, what can I say? St Mary's Church Summer Fete was brillaint! What a great day we had, there was all sorts to do at the Church, loads of entertainment for all ages. We had a fabulous day and would like to thank Father Mark, Madge and Anna who all made us feel so welcome and made sure we were looked after. Thanks once again. See you next year? :-)

We played at The Willett Arms on Sunday for Julia's House, there were some great bands on, Lost At Sea did a fantastic Bluesy set and Beyond Redemption were their usual high octane rock monsters! Some great acoustic stuff between sets too, fantastic to hear such music played with conviction. A wonderful days fun with lovely lovely people. Thanks you lot

30th September

Well, its been a while since I posted on here but things have been going well. Jenna's fitted in with the band really well and brings a great rhythm and sense of timing and also a great sense of humour! We're trying to get a CD recorded to put out as a sampler for work next year but it's very hard to find someone who will record us at a rate we can afford! We play next on 27th October at The Horton Inn, Horton, see you all there!

24th October

 Hi Donkey fans, it's been far too long since I posted on here, it's been a really hectic time lately, new line up, new songs, new equipment (see the equipment page for details) but we are coming along strong. Looking forward immensley to the Horton Inn this Saturday in fancy dress! Get along, enjoy the food, company and help us Wonk the night away! We've got dates for next year and I'll post them very soon. So, Thanks Donksters, catch you all very soon! Keep on Wonking!b

8th December

Well, what a year this has turned out to be, new members, new set, new gear and you lot have been fabulous in your support and we'd just like to say a huge thank you to you all! I've posted the gigs we've got confirmed for next year on the Gig Dates/Diary page if you want to see what we're up to in 2013. Our last gig this year is on the 14th December at our favourite venue, The Lord Nelson on Poole Quay, please come along and join us as we celebrate Christmas a bit early and have some fun and sing alongs! See you all there! Keep on Wonking!

20th December

Well, what a mad year that turned out to be for us! What a geat bunch of people you are! Thank you so much for all your continued support throughout 2012, it made things so much easier for us, new line up, new set, new gear etc......

So, to 2013! Our gig diary is starting to look a bit more healthy now as the gigs keep coming in, mostly we are back at our favourite venue, The Lord Nelson. Thamk you so much to the lovely Anna for all her help and organisation during the year. It's been absolutely great fun.  Have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous New Year! See you all next year Donksters!

22nd February 201

Well Donksters, it's been a funny start to the year so far, but, new songs learned, some new venue's booked so all going the right way for  now. On another note, Jools has been taken ill with her gall bladder and I've had a small operation on my knee. We're both recovering slowly but Jools will have to have her gall bladder removed as soon as she is well enough :-(. April is our next gig at The Nelson, so see you all there then!

6th April

Hi Donksters, just a few lines to say that we're fine and still learning new material. Another new song to debut on the 19th! We're really looking forward to playing again, it seems like ages since we saw you all. Don't worry fans, the Donks are coming! See you all on the 19th at The Lord Nelson! :-)

15th April

Right Donksters, by now most of you will know tha our Lead Guitarist, MIke, has had to leave us due to a long standing problem with his hand. This fills us with great sadness and we were thinking of calling it quits until we realised that Mike wouldn't want that, so........ we are actively recruiting another lead guitarist and have a few people up our sleeves who might be able to live up to Mike's awesome reputation. I'm sure, like the rest of the band, you'll join us in wishing Mike all the best for the future and hope his hand doesn't stop hime from enjoying life to the full. 'Cheers Mikey, it was brilliant fun mate, be safe'


Sunday 16th June

Well Donksters, it's been a very difficult year, Mike's had to leave, Jenna' s left to got to college and Tony has left due to a change in his family circumstances! We are recruiting new members but with Jools having to go into hospital on 21st June for an operation, we've decided to take a break from live playing until we're certain we have a band again, it's looking promising and I feel we'll be back bigger and stronger when we return! Thanks for your support and keep watching for further need! Ta.

Friday 18th October

Well, what a terrific crowd at The White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney! We had an absolutely brilliant time. Val and Kelvan did a fabulous job on the re-opening night! A MAHOOSIVE thank you goes out to all the wonderful people that attended and for the fantastic reception we were given, we felt like proper rock stars. Thanks must also go to Garry, the chef, for the most beautiful curry, well done mate, it was bloody lovely! The band would like to pass their appreciation on to everyone and hopefully it won't be too long till we come back. Thanks again!

Saturday 8th March 2014

Well, it's been far far too/long since I updated this page, there's been a huge amounnt of changes in the latter part of last year and the first three months of this one. Firstly, Darren and Steve have become valued members of the band who contribute huge amounts of talent and have changed the way we play dramatically, they ae also massively influential and bring great ideas and lots of humour to the band. For a short while we tried Dave Howells as our Bass player but that didn't work out and we wish Dave good luck with his new project. (We always did seem to do better as a 4 piece).

I promise to try and keep updating this page more often than I have and keep you all up to speed with how we are going, new songs, news etc. Our next gig is at The Lord Nelson's '10 Years of Rock' on 29th March that should be a real blastand we look forward to your continued support. Thanks guys and Gals :-)

Tuesday 11th March 

Not much to report really, just to say that rehearsals are coming on strong, the addition of the string section on Elbow's 'One Day Like This' makes the song so different and adds a huge amount to the song! Another new one to tease you on the next gig (popping it out on March 29th at The Lord Nelson's '10th Anniversary Of Rock') thanks for your continued support, we do need more photos from you guys though, so, get snapping and forwarding to us! See you soon and keep on Wonking!

Friday 18th April

Well, what can we say? An outstanding gig at The Lord Nelson! The audience participation was, in our view, bloody amazing! Two new songs were debuted, we think they add that 'extra touch' to the sets. Tell us what you think! We've got a bit of a break now before we're back, some more rehearsals, new material to add to the set list and fine tuning to do! Once again, we'd like to thank you all for your continued support and a special thanks goes out to Mr Rob Whitmarsh and his gorgeous wife Lorna for their hard work with the video that has just been added to the site. Thanks you two, you're stars! See you again soon folks!


Saturday 5th June 2014

Well, a brilliant gig at The Christchurch Festival, thank you so much for all the kind comments! There is a video or two on YouTube, I'll try to upload it later. It's been a fabulous year! Thank you

Thursday 4th June 2015

Hi Donksters, it's been a long while but finally the blog is back! Keep checking back for updates, we'll see you all at The Lord Nelson on 6th June!

Sunday 7th June 2015

Well, that was fun 'eh? Thank you all so much for all the support ou've shown us, it's truly amazing the lenghts people go to to come and see us. Two new numbers last night, went down really well! Is there anything you'd like to see us try?Let us know, keep in touch and send us your photos, we'll post as many as we can. Till next Saturday at The Dorset Soldier, 3 - 5m see ya!!







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