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thank you
Thanks for a great night at the White Horse in Litton Cheney. You were amazing.
Posted by barbara on 18 October 2013
White Horse Inn
Hi guys. Caught your set on Friday at the pub - or most of it. Really enjoyed the selection, and it was nice to see Jules again. It's been a while. We'll be looking out for you again. Cheers!
Posted by Eddie Wilson on 18 October 2013
Christchurch Festival
Hi guys. On a recent visit to the Tripp I saw you were at the Christchurch festival this year. It now appears you're not there!
Did the mighty Pronghorn put you off? ;)
Posted by Pete on 04 July 2013
Hi Pete,
No mate, Pronghorn didn't put us off, Jools has had major surgery and we've lost 3 members of our band!
If you'd read the blog you'd have kept up to date with what's happening.
Thanks fir the interest though!
Posted by Paul on 04 July 2013
Hi Paul,
Life's too short to read blogs! I have to say especially yours as it is pretty impressive though... most bands tend to give up after 3 posts or so! I was jesting about Pronghorn. They sertainly aren't the best act at the festival imo! I wish Jools a speady recovery!

PS... couldn't you have done a solo spot? :)
Posted by Pete on 04 July 2013
Ha, if you'd ever heard me sing you'd know why I didn't go solo! Thanks for the comments Pete, we'll be back when Jools is well enough and the new improved band has rehearsed till we're better and bigger than before. Take care :-)
Posted by Paul on 04 July 2013
Love ya!
Hi Jools and Paul and you other wonderful guys.

Love ya ta bits!



(one kiss each so you don't fight over them! lol)
Posted by Lorrie on 06 November 2012
Cheers Lorrie, get down and see us on December 14th and Wonk the night away with us x x
Posted by Paul n Jools on 06 November 2012
Good website, good band. As the song says......things can only get better.

Keep wonking, and I'll see you at the Nellie soon.

Posted by John Morley on 19 January 2012
John my friend, thank you for your comments. I'm only sorry I was too unwell to attend the Blues Jam last night. It's a long story so don't ask!
We'll catch you soon, keep popping back to the website for upcoming news!
Posted by Paul on 19 January 2012
Posted on 24 August 2011
My dear donkey's
Posted on 19 August 2011
Posted on 11 August 2011
Gig in The Garden
Posted on 10 August 2011
love you guys
Posted on 19 July 2011
The Lord Nelson
Posted on 13 July 2011
St. Mary's
Posted on 11 July 2011
The Stranglers
Posted on 13 June 2011
Posted on 12 June 2011

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