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Where exactly are you?


We work from our home at No.1 Green View in the tiny village of Crambe, just east of the A64 between Malton and York. Leave the A64 at the top of Whitwell Hill and follow the signs down to the village (approx 1 mile). Our house is in the middle of the village near the (only) phone box. 

 See "CLICK FOR MAP" on right or if using SatNav the postcode is YO60 7JP

Are you open at weekends at all?

No.  Due to local planning regulations we do not open at weekends or Bank Holidays, and we must close the salon at 6pm each day. 

How busy are you?

This varies according to the time of year.  Our busiest time of all tends to be in the last couple of weeks before Christmas, with several of our regulars booking their dogs' special grooming from one year to the next.  In the hottest part of the summer we are busy with baths and trims freshening up all the "hot dogs", some of which we may not see from one year to the next!  We find our morning appointments are more popular and these are generally booked out well ahead, so if you would like a morning appointment you may have to wait a few weeks. Afternoon appointments are likely to be more readily available, but that would depend on your dog's individual needs. Obviously a short-haired Jack Russell needing a summer shampoo will be more easily fitted in than a brace of Old English Sheepdogs!  Feel free to contact us to find out the current waiting list situation without obligation.

 How much will it cost?

We have included a "PRICE GUIDE" to give you a rough idea but each job will be individually priced according to several factors - breed/type of coat, condition of coat, degree of difficulty of trim etc.  If your dog visits very regularly you can expect the price to be pretty much the same every time, though all prices are reviewed annually.  Very neglected dogs or dogs which take extra time or require extra services such as collection/delivery or extensive de-matting will be priced accordingly.  It is usually possible for us to give a rough estimate before a grooming session is arranged, but not without seeing the dog and "hands-on"


 How long will it take to groom my dog?

Without seeing your dog, we can only give a rough idea, based on our experiences of grooming others of similar type/breed.  Many factors will come into play, such as the condition of your dog's coat, his or her behaviour etc.  Elderly dogs or playful puppies may need a break to relax, and very nervous dogs must not be rushed straight onto the table but should be given time to settle first. We try to make the grooming experience as soothing and enjoyable as possible. Tight deadlines put us at a disadvantage with this and it is always better to schedule a grooming appointment for a day when you can allow enough time for your pet to be correctly groomed.  Typically you can expect your dog to be with us between 2 and 4 hours.  If for whatever reason your dog's grooming cannot be completed within 4 hours we will break it up into two or more shorter sessions which is much easier both on the dog and the groomer.

Shall I stay with my dog?

This is not usually a good idea.  Unfortunately and strange as it may sound, we have found in all but the rarest of cases, that dogs behave better for us when their owners are not present! We really need to form a working relationship with your dog and this is not possible when its loyalty is divided. We have also found that the presence of an extra person in the salon can be upsetting for any other dogs. Finally and most importantly, our insurance does not cover non-employees.

Do you also groom cats?


We do groom cats by special arrangement but as they form only a small part of our total clientele we generally have to be given plenty of notice to schedule a suitable appointment.  Our cats normally visit for short grooming sessions of 1 - 2 hours in the late afternoons and on those days we have to ensure that all the visiting dogs have been safely collected.  (Above our own cat Dillan takes a stroll with one of her favourite doggy friends)

Can I make a whole year's appointments in advance?

Advance booking is usually a very good idea, to be sure of getting the date and time which most suits your needs.  However illness, holidays and other unexpected events can make a whole year plan unviable so probably better to simply book for a few months at a time, working around your (and our!) other committments.

How often should my pet be groomed?

That depends on several factors and is a difficult question to answer without seeing your dog!  The long-haired types such as Lhasa Apsos, Bearded Collies, Old English etc are usually very high-maintenance and in some cases regular professional grooming is the only answer, unless you decide to opt for a short haircut!  Poodles also require very regular trimming at intervals of 4-6 weeks, with some good quality home maintenance between visits. We can usually advise the best interval once we have worked with your pet's coat and discussed any problems you are experiencing.  If your home grooming techniques are excellent then you will need our service much less often!




We hope most of your questions have been answered, now but of course if there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to contact us with your query.

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