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Please read these common sense guidelines carefully.  If you have concerns about any of the issues mentioned feel free to contact us to find out more.


Please inform us if your bitch appears to be in season on the day scheduled for grooming, as sometimes it may be better to re-schedule the appointment, and in any case we need to be aware of the situation.  Some bitches may feel under the weather or a little grumpy and it may be worth waiting those few extra days - a good bath will then be the best way to get rid of those "interesting smells".


We appreciate being notified in advance, if your pet is elderly, obese, blind, deaf, athritic or has any other problem which may mean we need to budget for extra time or extra help.  We regret that in some cases this may also mean a higher than average grooming fee.  In the case of very frail or senile pets, there may eventually come a time when routine salon visits are more than they can cope with, and we will then suggest a few tactics to keep your pet freshened up at home, but in most cases, regular grooming can continue for the whole of your pet's life, and is indeed very important for his/her wellbeing.  Grooming of the veterans is always high priority for us with the fastest possible turn round time.


It is important to make sure your pet has been well-exercised before arrival at our premises, so that he/she has done everything a dog has to do, and does not present us with any nasty surprises.  In cases of genuine emergency you may make use of our front lawn, ensuring that you pick up carefully afterwards - we have poop scoop bags available on request. Please do NOT roam around our pretty village allowing your dogs to foul our neighbours' gardens and verges, such irresponsible behaviour is what gives dog owners a bad name.


It is not advisable to feed your dog for at least 6-8 hours before grooming.  He or she will normally be much more comfortable on an empty stomach. In rare cases, such as dogs suffering from diabetes, it may be necessary to give a small meal, if so please provide suitable food and we will ensure it is offered to your pet.  Water will be available on arrival and at intervals through the day, especially if the weather is warm. 


If you suspect your pet has a problem, especially with fleas, please notify us beforehand so that your pet can be isolated from any others. We will use a medicated herbal flea shampoo when bathing but please be aware that this will provide temporary relief only, and you will need to tackle your pet's home environment as well.  We do not advocate the use of harsh chemical dips or flea drops/sprays which can contain organophosphates .  If you are interested we can suggest some natural flea preventatives which are safe for long term use.


Please arrive with your pet on a suitable lead (preferably not a "flexi" type) and a well-fitting collar - many are much too loose and can easily pull off over the head, with possible dangerous consequences. Ideally remove all the extras - flea collars, harnesses etc.  Smaller dogs and cats can be transported in carrier boxes - we have some available to borrow if necessary - please ask.  We also have a collection of leads and collars should you forget yours!


We very rarely use muzzles as we find most dogs respond well to kind but firm handling.  Occasionally we may need to pop one on briefly, perhaps while cutting nails or similar, but prefer not to use them, as they restrict the dogs' breathing and can cause some of them to panic. If your dog is a known biter then please let us know, we can then make a decision as to whether the grooming can be done safely.  In extreme cases it may be necessary to groom very vicious dogs under sedation at the vet's.


We do not use sedatives of any kind when grooming, and will refuse to accept any pet showing signs of having been sedated, as this is a dangerous and mostly completely unnecessary practice.  In extreme cases of very nervous or vicious animals, we can by arrangement groom under sedation at the premises of a local vet.  If you wish us to use Rescue Remedy supplied by yourself, we are happy to do so. Alternatively we can offer Reiki and T-Touch massage as part of the service at no extra charge.


We regret we are unable to accept for grooming any dog with an undiagnosed skin condition.

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