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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" - Proverbs 17:22 ( King James Bible version).

I am an atheist, but even atheists have to admit that the Bible is a great fund of quotations, and this is my favourite.

26 November 2020Live-action cartoons in Frank Furedi's video for his new book

Here's Frank Furedi's video for his new book, " Democracy Under Siege". I've supplied the live action cartoons.  Done in the most low tech way imaginable!

31 October 2020My cover illo for Sociologist Frank Furedi's new book

Pericles, the Athenian Statesman. Front cover illo to " Democracy under Seige" by Frank Furedi

29 October 2020My book,

17 October 2020Cancelled twice in one year - is this a record?

So I just heard that PENGUIN  BOOKS lawyers refused to allow the compiler of " Britain's Best Political Cartoons  2020" to include my cartoon " Endgame"!

I am now calling myself " Britain's Most Cancelled Political  Cartoonist 2020"!

17 October 2020Another Terrorist Murder in France related to Charlie Hebdo trial

Another another terrorist atrocity in France, connected to the Charlie Hebdo attacker's trial which is going on at the moment.


17 September 2020Interviewed by FairCop

I was interviewed  by FairCop  a few days ago, for a podcast...I was so defamatory about certain political parties I wonder if they are going to use it!

UPDATE 26 September 2020: here's that podcast, its number 7.

And no, they didnt use the bit where we discuss the Lib Dem politicians who are so terrified of answering  simple questions like " what is a woman"?

I said that especially in that party, they could have porn or paedo skeletons in their own closets, or be covering  up for other people who do.

So they didnt use that bit!


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