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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" - Proverbs 17:22 ( King James Bible version).

I am an atheist, but even atheists have to admit that the Bible is a great fund of quotations, and this is my favourite.

17 September 2020Interviewed by FairCop

I was interviewed  by FairCop  a few days ago, for a podcast...I was so defamatory about certain political parties I wonder if they are going to use it!

31 August 2020I spoke at the Standing for Women Speakers Corner on Bank Holiday Monday

11 August 2020Contributing to new GC News Website

There's a brand new GC- friendly News website in the UK - uncancelled.co.uk which only started a couple of weeks ago. I will be a weekly ( unpaid) contributor, see the link below.



05 August 2020Still a technophobe

I've been invited by some big names in the feminist  world to come on podcasts, I was even invited to be a speaker at a big international GC Zoom conference called " Can I get a Witness" happening very shortly...

But as I have only just figured out how to cut/ paste on our  tablet, I've said, maybe ask me in a years time, when I might have figured out zoom!

22 July 2020Included in Spiked-online.com article!

On 14 July I was included in a Spiked article " 25 times cancel culture was real".

13 July 2020My experience of being cancelled featured in the Mail on Sunday

On 12 July my story was featured in a 5 page spread on cancel culture  in the Mail on Sunday, p 9.

You can find it on the MoS website.

Since then, my 'Right of reply to readers of the Morning Star ' has been published on feminist sites, the first one is Womens Liberation Radio News. 

I told the editor of the MS, in a phone call, that if he would not publish it, then feminist  websites would. He acknowledged  that there was nothing he could do  about it.

I have also sent it to the South West ' Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group', who still include me in their emails, and whose members I have been good friends with. Hopefully they will feel able to discuss it in their regular meetings.

Here's one of the Morning Star's write ups of my work, from 2015.

11 July 2020Self- ID cartoon on WoS

My  broken down car self- identifying  as a Porsche cartoon ( see feminist fight- back  page) appeared on  the Wings over Scotland website on 9 July 2020 in article " Now sometimes offensive".

Thanks, Reverend Stu!

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