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Here's my International Women's Day cartoon ready for next week.


It feels cheesy to have to “explain” a cartoon about a current social phenomenan – but the debate around this subject has degenerated to childish levels.


No it's not 'anti-Chinese'!

The waving, beckoning or warning cat is a symbol used throughout China and they appropriated a Japanese legend. 


The cat is most likely in the common position of a cat washing behind one or both ears.

You see it in every Chinese take-away.

The cat can have one or both hands up,n some of them are mechanical so the hand moves up & down.

They come in all shapes, sizes , colours and materials and some can cost £1000s.


They are widely used by businesses as a good luck charm, to bring prosperity and ward off evil

spirits. Kind of like a house gargoyle/gatepost warning animal in England , or a household God King Cobra living outside an Indian hut.

There is actually a temple in Japan dedicated to this legend and visitors leave thousands of token lucky cats there .


The legend is that a Samurai was saved by the temple's cat holding it's paw up (either beckoning or warning) which saved his life (either from beckoning him so he moved away from a lightening strike, or protecting from enemies who were chasing him by warning them not to come in the temple where he had taken refuge).

So this cat is a warning cat.


I've mixed the symbolism with the coronavirus panic, so it's wearing a mask which is also  silencing it's voice.


All the symbols flying around like viruses in the air have been used at some time somewhere to

depict aspects of human sexuality, at least 4 of them are used on birth certificates and medical

records today, others have been adopted by the LBQT+++ activists.


Cats are widely seen as feminine even when they're not, so in that way they are an ambiguous

animal. Most of these statues have a symbol on their chest, I think at this particular time in the

history of Feminism it has to be a question mark!


And by the way, the legend of the cat washing its ears being a warning is not confined to Asia.

When I was a child my mother used to tell me that if our cat washed behind her ears, it was going to rain!










On this website is a fraction of my work from the last 40 years. Many of my illustrations were published in the 'British Small Press' (before we all had the internet) in the 70s and 80s, and I've included some on this site.

I am a regular political cartoonist for the UK's only Socialist daily newspaper, the Morning Star.




The Labour Leadership candidates have signed a pledge to expel members who get pronouns wrong. It's caused a Twitter backlash with the hashtag 'ExpelMeToo'.
This cartoon is called 'Endgame' because it could be the last debate by Feminists in the western World about whether women can protect their safe spaces - for those rich enough and free enough to be have the luxury to debate, of course. I understand that the Morning Star have issued an apology for publishing this cartoon! Better than being wiped out in your own editorial meeting by someone who objected to it, eh?
"Parasites" -published in the Morning Star in January 2020
Save Greta
Save Greta
'So good they used it twice'.
This is my iconic cartoon of the 2016 Euro Referendum vote, which clashed with Glastonbury. Will he vote or won't he?
The Star used this 2 weeks before the vote, and again on the day itself.
My annual show 2018
My annual show 2018
Thanks to the Colston Arms for hosting my annual show again.
Love the blackboard message outside to the new lot of students who have descended on us - "Get Educated - Resistance is Futile"!
German Election September 2017
German Election September 2017
Fluchtlinge = Refugees. Sad to say the Nazi spider is still lurking under the EU rug.
Will she still be Chancellor by the time you read this?? This cartoon was picked by the Morning Star as one of their Cartoons of the year.
Amazing write-up for my show in November 2015 at the Prince of Wales pub, Gloucester Road, Bristol.
Another Tasty Morsel
Another Tasty Morsel
Another Tasty Morsel - to commemorate the visit of the Chinese Premier to the UK, 20-24 October 2015.A representation of China's progressing world domination. Not published by the Morning Star because of the paper's reluctance to be seen to criticise any actions by communist countries.
Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership twice
Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership twice
This was the first colour cartoon the Morning Star printed of mine - on the day after his historic election, September 13th 2015. Also the first time the Star had ever produced a Sunday edition. This cartoon was used to illustrate the Leader column.

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