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On here is a fraction of my work from the last 30 years, published and unpublished.

YOU CAN ORDER MY CD of OVER 70 CARTOONS from 2015-2016 "EL GATO GOES FOR GOLD" through the Morning Star online shop. Or email: ads@peoples-press.com.

Or you can order directly from me on ArtistBristol:outlook.com

Hand produced by myself, price £6, with £5.50 going to support the paper.

The Morning Star is a co-operative, owned by its readers and supported by most of the major trade unions. Contributors like myself are unpaid. Jeremy Corbyn has described it as "Our most precious and only voice in the daily national media".



The picture above is a portrait of Alan Davies, a well known street person around the Clifton area of Bristol. The line "And they say there aren't boys like him anymore" is from the poem 'Timothy Winters' by Charles Causley. It's about the early days of the British Welfare State and a small boy whose family slips thorugh the net. People of my age group may remember this poem from school, with its famous opening: 'Timothy Winters comes to school, With eyes as wide as a football-pool, Ears like bombs and teeth like splinters: A blitz of a boy is Timothy Winters'.

With the release of Ken Loach's great film this year "I, Daniel Blake" we sadly realise that not much has changed for huge numbers of British people.

Stella, Bristol, England

Amazing write-up for my show in November 2015 at the Prince of Wales pub, Gloucester Road, Bristol.
Another Tasty Morsel
Another Tasty Morsel
Another Tasty Morsel - to commemorate the visit of the Chinese Premier to the UK, 20-24 October 2015
 Business card
Business card
This picture was done in 2004 and is on the front of my new business card and my stationary.
Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership twice
Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership twice
This was the first colour cartoon the Morning Star printed of mine - on the day after his historic election, September 13th 2015. Also the first time the Star had ever produced a Sunday edition. This cartoon was used to illustrate the Leader column.

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