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23 January 2018Could do better!


You are a dolt aren't you, Finbarr?

Just because I have said many times I am not a member of Plaid Cymru it doesn't mean I would not support an Independent Wales. There's actually an independence faction within lots of Parties, as well as support for Inde outside them. Why, even Welsh Labour has jumped on the bandwagon these days. You are behind the times, old boy. Do try and keep up.

Your scornful dismissal of the notion Wales could be better off running its own affairs does even you a disservice. Not everyone is content that Wales is run from the Bay by a Party shot through with a sense of entitlement, ineptitude, lack of vision, poor outcomes - and corruption. That's the one that provided you with a home and financial reward for many years, by the way. Or that it is also run by those clowns in Westminster who see fit to offer us crumbs one day then take them away the next. Nothing wrong with wanting something different and better. Even Pandora's Box had Hope left in it.

You just keep on dismissing the case for independence as "juvenile" because childish comments like that show how out of touch you are. Support is running well above 20% these days, pushing 30% in some polls. I guess on your reasoning then, there must be a lot of "juvenile" thinking in Wales. Still, it helps rebut those statistics saying we are a nation of old farts, something I reckon you'll know a lot more about than me. 

And perhaps you'd like to pop into a bar in Glasgow sometime and suggest to some of the 1.6 million Scots who voted Inde in their referendum that their nationalist dream is "juvenile" and they are pursuing "the residual backwaters of TRIBALISM" as you put it. No? I guess not. 

Your equally infantile corruption of the name of the blogger "Jac o' the North" I put down to the fact that when you strayed onto his website trying to be a clever dick, you were called out and shown up to be not half as clever as you thought. Just a dick without the "clever" tag, basically. I note you have never been back there since.

I can assure you I am not frustrated with "the futility of his (my) pathetic attempts to discredit Labour". On the evidence I have seen over recent months, they are doing more than a decent job of discrediting themselves. I have no need to add to their self-inflicted public humiliation and disintegration.

Last, but not least, your puerile, periodic incursions here, invariably invoking "Our Stanley" as a subject matter for your blatherings, have become tiresome now. Unless you pick your socks up and show yourself capable of writing something that might pass even remotely for an original thought or something worthy of discussion, you won't find me taking your bait in future. You're just no longer worth the effort, see.

Posted by Stan in Readers' Letters of Neath Ferret, on 23 January 2018


28 November 2017Tweet of the Year 2017

No-one quite cuts to the chase like Jac o' the North!

Yesterday, I sent Jac a Tweet put out by Lord Hain, criticising the corruption and cronyism in the ANC and South African government.

In Jac's inimitable fashion, he replied to Hain's message on his own Twitter feed. The Orange Baron doesn't take kindly to Jac, who has been blocked from Hain's Twitter account.

But Jac's Tweet is just too good not to share with the people of Neath, so here it is. 








Jac is dead right about him. I have thought exactly that for years.


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