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The main focus of our group is to share the pleasure of learning and exploring all aspects relevant to the life and times of Richard III.
We welcome as members Ricardians who live locally to us - and those who don't but share our interests and approach.

  We hold monthly 'at home' meetings for discussions, talks and presentations by our fellow members, mostly in  south Cheshire or north Staffordshire.

Although our main purpose and activities are bookish, we are certainly not averse to the social side of life, such as going on jaunts and meeting up at places of interest.

Our group is also active as an on-line entity.  We have, in addition to our website, a members only Yahoo group.  Here we can post the agenda and minutes of physical meetings; hold discussions; help each other with queries; share our individual work with fellow members; embark upon joint projects and of course, gossip.  By exploiting modern communications we are able to benefit any who are unable to get to physical meetings.  It also means that that membership of this group is more than just a once a month event.

Here is what one of our online members has to say

"I have found the distance membership invaluable. It means that in my rural idyll I can be part of a Ricardian Group or Branch in reality. By that I mean I can research the current topic and if desired I can submit an article for discussion at a 'meeting' and it can go into the files for everyone to access and discuss.
 I find the instant access to my Group or Branch friends brilliant. Far better than an odd meeting here or there and the expense and time to go anywhere
 I found that one meeting per year at a Ricardian venue good fun and a chance to meet the Internet group."

OUR LOGO: Richard III's white boar and the Stafford knot  Above it, the parhelion represents our activities in the "electronic ether".  It also commemorates the fact that the inaugural meeting was held on 2nd February, the anniversary of the battle of Mortimer's Cross.

If you are interested in joining us, please click on the CONTACT US tab on the left hand menu which will take you through to our Secretary Penny Lawton.

There is no fee for membership of the group.
We look forward to hearing from you.