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01 April 2008

Bill Tolliver, a miner's son from rural southern Illinois, is a new voice in the telling of tales at least fifteen centuries old, with a new twist.  His Fireblade Trilogy is a modern take on the Arthurian legend, using contemporary settings and characters, and drawing on science  where an ancient bard would have spoken of sorcery. 

Bill has served in many capacities.  He spent two years in the Army, as an English Language Insructor to Puerto Rican recruits.  He spent twenty-two years teaching in civilian high schools and colleges after that, and finally he changed careers and went into law enforcement, where he remains to this day, though semi-retired.  No longer wrestling the Saturday night drunks, he serves as the DARE officeer and firearms instructor for a small Kansas police department. 

Bill holds a B.S. degree in education with a major in English, and a master's in theatre, both from Southern Illinois University.  His education, he says, has been most helpful in his police career.  His expertise with firearms helps him to write credible stories about their use.

The "007" in Bill's user to the fact that his police ID number actually IS--007!!  Just how much cajoling and manipulating he had to do to get that ID number is best left to the imagination!

The books of the trilogy are THE MAD DOG CONNECTION, THE CAMELOT TAPES, and LAST PLANE TO AVALON, described elsewhere in this website.

All of Bill's books are available from, or from his publisher,

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