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22 April 2009

The first of the Sam Zavich adventures, TWILIGHT IN XANADU, is now available.  Sam is former Marine, a construction boss, who meets up with an old girlfriend while waiting for a plane at Kansas City airport. Two thugs try to grab her, and he gets her away from them;  But they return and brutally murder her while he is gone for sandwiches.  Then they drug and kidnap him, and he wakes up in XANADU, an upscale desert resort which purports to offer sybaritic pleasures, but in fact deals in sex, blackmail, and murder.  Barely escaping with his life, he recruits his crew of ex-military friends to erase Xanadu from the earth.  But a top-secret government agency has also targeted Xanadu, and if the killers from Xanadu don't get him, the Feds may very well do him in.

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