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06 November 2008
Author Bill Tolliver is adding a new series to his adventure stories.  These are separate from the Fireblade Trilogy and are straight action/adventure tales with modern settings.
TWILIGHT IN XANADU: The first of the series:  Sam Zavich, ex-Marine and construction contractor, unintentionally becomes entangled with Xanadu, a desert resort seemingly offering every sybaritic pleasure.  But he learns that instead of pleasure, Xanadu really deals in pain, blackmail, and death.  Barely escaping with his life, Sam recruits a squad of fellow construction hardhats and veterans, and sets out to erase Xanadu from the earth; but he finds that there are others involved and the corruption may go as high as the top offices in government.
The book is being published by PublishAmerica, like the others, and is available now.  Readers may order it from or through their local bookstore.

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