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Introducing Ripley AKA Rips

Simden Whisper on the Wind~~

sweetest leo ever, alway's on my mind                                                   

The only bitch puppy from Storms litter so she was destined to stop here with us from the start. She is a very long awaited daughter of Storm and a much welcomed addition to our household she is a very healthy and happy young lady and has definatley inherited her mothers zest for life. Ripley is now over 6 years old




She is a very grounded young lady, with a sense of fun, i feel the term " not a bad bone" sums her up totaly, i am very proud of her.

Ripley is turning into a beautiful young lady x

Shown lightly, and always gives her all. Qualified for crufts 2014 at her first championship show of 2013 which just happened to be crufts !

show results 2013

Mouscorn (Belgium) Open class EX2

Thames Valley open show BOB and WG4

Crufts PGB 3rd (from 9 present) ( so CQ for 2014)

Horsham open show RBOB and VHC in RBOB stakes ( at least 25 dogs present)

Antwerp (Belgium) open class EX3

WELKS championship show LB 3rd  (5 entries)  ( CQ for 2014)

South of england open show Leonberger Open  (5 entries) 1st & BOB

The National Championship show LB 3rd  (5 Entries)

Lommel (Belgium) open bitch ex2 ( 5 entries)


Just for fun

Bognor dog club companion show     1st AV Open and BIS


Head shot taken of Ripley in Belgium, January 2013


photo taken august 2012 by neil smith

show results 2012

Manchester championship 2nd Junior bitch (7 entries)

Bath championship show 1st Post Graduate (4 entries)

Southern counties reserve post graduate (5 entries)

Bournemouth championship show VHC (7 entries)

Gillingham and shaftsbury open show BOB Leo and WG2

Worthing open show 1st PG and RBOB

Kingston 1st PG and RBOB

Leonberger club of Belgium Intermediate bitch excellent (11 entries)

Kortijk (Belgium) open class graded good

and just for fun, Star and garter companion show BIS

                  WCGB Welfare companion show BIS






  Rips august 2011  Photo kindly taken by Andrew Symonds

During 2011 Rips attended 5 open shows, where she managed to gain 3x bpib, 2x WPG1s, 1 WPG2 and WG2 

She also attended 9 championship shows where she gained 2X 1st places, 3X 2nd placings, 1X 3rd placing and 2X Reserves  

Also we managed to do two companion shows, the second of which she was awarded BPIS








Kennel name Simden Whisper on the Wind     

D.O.B 31st October 2010  

Hips      5-6  (A2)

Elbows   0-0

Eye Certificate Clear Jan 12

LPN1  n/n Clear 

LPN2: n/n Clear

LEMP  n/n Clear

Gonioscopy tested  Jan 12 Normal result      

Ripley has also passed the Leonberger club of GB stage 2 temperament assesment           

Her parentage is Takaleo's Sneaking Cove at Twilights and Ghylladare Florenitne Doll of Simden 

                                 Ripleys pedigree


Date of Birth : 31/10/2010          Inbreeding 0.6%

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents
      Leoniitan Washable Lion
Hip Score: HD:A
Alnuspark Uparis
Hip Score: HD:A1
Leoniitan Amorina
Hip Score: HD:A2B1
Kinglords Miss Sefanja CH Manorguard Fire Walk with Me
Zelda's Miss Moneypenny
Hip Score: HD:B
 x Rus. CH Zolotoy Fazar Klifford Rus. CH Ramavan's Giacomo
Soly Bair Oda Rus. CH Gufi Goldener Foyer
Rus. CH Betty Sinden
Alfross Grizina's Gurid
Hip Score: Hips 8:3, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 07/02/10
Int. CH Grizzly v. Dreiburgenland
Hip Score: HD:ua Elb ua
Stud Book: 0468CN
Laszlo v. Welland Chino v. Welland
Hip Score: HD A2
Int. CH Kiserdei Nora
Hip Score: HD:A2
Anuschka Chaloupecke Skalky Elkan v. Welland
Hip Score: HD:B2
Ingi Zrucska Blata
Hip Score: HD:0/0
Fin Ch. Bjorntassen Diana
Hip Score: HD:B Elb ua
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 13/03/05
Stud Book: 1026 CQ
Leijonamielen Hui Tosinuija Leijonameilen Muumi Pappa
Balisha v. Lowengarten
Utika Lowe v. Wurttemberg Odin v. Ratibor u. Corvey
Hip Score: HD:A2
Ronja Lowe v. Wurttemberg
Ghylladare Florentine Doll at Simden
Hip Score: Hips 5:5, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 19/08/10
Jakamak Boogy Woogy with Rossnick
Hip Score: Hips 5:5, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 09/05/08
Sund Stamm's Design of Golden Art at Manorguard
Hip Score: Hips 5:7, Elb 0
Sund Stamm's Aristo Artisto
Hip Score: HD ua
Ragnarikes Lilleman Lejonhufvud
Hip Score: HD ua
Houdini's Bellatrix
Hip Score: HD ua
Maritimaborgens Geniala Goldie
Hip Score: HD ua
Maritimaborgens Diabolos-Dynamikos
Hip Score: HD ua
Lejonlands Ilejona
Hip Score: HDua
Rossnick Perchance to Dream
Hip Score: Hips 3:2, Elb 0
Lux Ch Sir Union Defender of Pelgrims Ring at Rossnick
Hip Score: Hips 1:2, Elb 0
Coras v. Steinkauz
Hip Score: HD A
Lady Oyee the Comic of Pelgrims Ring
Hip Score: HD B
Rossnick Naughty but Nice
Hip Score: Hips 6:2
Garrick Haardrad
Hip Score: Hips 3:8
Rossnick Eva Maria
Hip Score: Hips 5:5
Stormchaser Status Symbol at Ghylladare
Hip Score: Hips 6:5, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 06/02/06
Shermayne Braga Ferengi at Stormchaser
Hip Score: Hips 0:1, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 04/07/04
Manorguard Adam
Hip Score: Hips 5:3
Leonberget'z Crusader from Atlantis at Manorguard
Hip Score: Hips 2:2
Leonberget'z Lady in Red at Manorguard
Hip Score: Hips 7:3
Rossnick Jet'aime
Hip Score: Hips 4:5
CH Normanscourt Alfred of Rossnick
Hip Score: Hips 0:0
Rossnick Eva Maria
Hip Score: Hips 5:5
Nabilah-Nerasha v. Welland the Stormchaser
Hip Score: Hips 3:2, Elb 0
Eye Test Result: Eyes Clear 04/07/04
Stud Book: 0482CM
Int. CH Radjhi v. Lowenkraft
Hip Score: HD A
CH Baron v. Wehrholz
Hip Score: HD A
Petula v. Lowenreich
Hip Score: HD C
Int. CH Kiserdei Nora
Hip Score: HD:A2
Elkan v. Welland
Hip Score: HD:B2
Kiserdei Lola
Hip Score: HD:A



  Rips at her first show  6 months and 1 day old 


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