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I hope that this site will become a space for sharing ideas of action research and living theory, teacher education and community development.

I truly believe that action research bears the potential for bringing about change for the world to become a better place for all.

My work is in Norwegian teacher education, in the Norwegian University of Life Science. https://www.nmbu.no/ans/sigrid.gjotterud

In the 1990'ies, I was a teacher in vocational training. Together with a colleague and our students I carried out an action research project that aimed at making the vocational education more practice-oriented and thus more relevant for the students.

From 2005 to 2010 I led an action research project with a group of fellow teacher educators. We wanted to improve our individual and collective guiding practice in order to ensure relevant learning processes for the student teachers we were responsible for. One of the results of this research was a mutual understanding of action research built on our joint experiences. This created a new ability to guide our students in their strivings to develop their teacher practice and their explanations for their practice. As I developed my living theory, we also jointly developed our organizations living theory.

Now the section is involved in a project aiming at finding ways to create and live our vision of a teacher education for sustainable development.

I have been engaged in various projects in South-Africa, Malawi, and Zambia, through a project called SUSTAIN: http://www.umb.no/larerutdanning/artikkel/project-sustain

Further, I am involved in EPINAV, a program in collaboration between Norway and Tanzania. Within this project my colleague Erling Krogh and myself are supervising a PhD-student; Ahmad Kyaruzi. His work is about building a link between school and farm as means of enhancing learning outcome, raise interest in agriculture and hence develop the local communities. Ahmad has adopted an action research approach.


CD-GOAL is a project among orphaned youngsters in the Ulugulu mountains. https://twawose.wordpress.com/forskning/research-in-mgeta/


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