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As our contribution to the new millennium we decided to construct on our site a plot suitable for the use of disabled residents of Spelthorne.  We are very aware of the therapeutic benefits, to ourselves, of horticultural activities and we wanted to make these benefits available to less fortunate members of society.  We would like to thank Spelthorne Borough Council for giving us permission to undertake this.

We would like to thank the following organisations for giving us financial assistance or technical advice, or both:

Spelthorne Borough Council Lottery Fund

BAA Heathrow Environment Awards

Hampton District Allotments & Gardens Ltd

The Gardening for Disabled Trust

THRIVE (The Society of Horticultural Therapy)

With the construction completed the opening ceremony was performed on Saturday 26th May at 3.00pm by the deputy Mayor of Spelthorne  Cllr. Vic Drinkwater.  The committee decided that the plot should be called 'The Frank Hawes Garden'.

We were awarded a 'Spelthorne 2000 Design Award" in the 'facilities for disabled people' class, for this garden.  The Hope Club for stroke victims had a very successful first year, cultivating a large part of this garden.  In their second year the Hope Club won a prize in Spelthorne Council's best plot competition and are still as enthusiastic.




The previous plot-holder kindly agreed to move to another plot so that we could construct the disability plot immediately adjacent to our main gate.

Our two construction experts Mike (right) and Derek consider their next move after marking out the site.  The shadow in the bottom LH corner is our late chairman Frank Hawes taking this photograph.  Frank had been the driving force in getting the essential support for this project.     

Trenches being dug for the concrete foundations of the walls of the raised beds.

The raised beds begin to take shape.
Spelthorne Civic Pride volunteers, led by Jill Stephens, on Sunday April 8th working very hard.  They removed the soil from around the raised beds down to the correct level for us to lay concrete paths, and before putting the surplus soil into the raised beds.  They even removed the roots of perennial weeds.
The completed garden immediately prior to the opening ceremony.  The artwork on the front raised bed was done by a student of Halliford School as an art project.  The wooden shed has a dual purpose as a tool store and rain shelter which will accommodate people in wheelchairs.  The black object is a handy water tank.
At the opening ceremony a member of the Hope Club tries out the raised flower bed for size, whilst the local press reporter sets up a photograph.

Any disabled person who wishes to make use of these facilities should contact Stan Bulford 01932 222905 or email:





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