Welcome to Seoras Albannach Art

Seoras Albannach is an artist currently residing on the Black Isle, on the north east coast of Scotland.

A largely self-taught artist, Seoras works in a wide variety of media including oils, acrylic, crayon, pastels, charcoal and coloured and monochrome pencil sketches as well as pen and ink. Seoras’s work covers numerous different styles including portraits, landscapes, and architecture, as well as portraits of family pets.

The work shown here is separated into different categories, with some pieces appearing in multiple categories and includes work carried out for personal enjoyment, as well as commissioned work.

Should you require commissioned artwork, please make an initial enquiry via email, to:


Seoras operates under the proviso that should any commissioned work not meet your expectations, you are under no obligation to accept it or pay for it, it will however remain the property of the artist.


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