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Peggy herring drifter, fibreglass hull single motor and speed control,rudder servo, wired for lights,boat stand,£250.00

Thames Barge Beatrice Maud this a model of the Barge that went to Dunkirk to rescue solders off the beaches during the Second World War better known as a little ship,

sails as shown two arm winches, rudder servo,drop keel and rudder,boat battery,£295.00

Robbie Atlantis Wishbone Schooner,with sails as shown,plura hull,internal ballast planked deck and timber cabins,sail drum winch and rudder servo,boat stand when new cost over a £1000 to build selling for £395.00



Mobile Marine  Models Eldergarth Tug boat,with Twin motors in twin kort nozzles, bow thruster,three speed controls,rudder servo,£200.00



Fiesta Yacht with sails as shown sail servo and rudder servo,£150.00


8 Metre Yacht with sails as shown sail arm winch and rudder servo boat stand £250.00

































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