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It is now Friday 18th March 2016. I have finally got around to setting up my web site. I have been meaning to do this for some time but as I am a writer, I am good at procrestinating. Do you know an author who isn't? Yes, the mispelling of 'procrastinating' is deliberate - I enjoy playing with words. I think my spelling is better as it sounds closer to the meaning.

I published my first book on Amazon a few weeks ago and now I have the task of promoting it. I think this is going to be a lot more difficult than writing it, but who knows without trying?

Just go to Amazon and put my name - richard kefford - in the search bar, press Enter and you should see my book(s).

OR enter this link in your browser bar.. 


OR Go to the links page and click on the appropriate link.

I'll try and get this site looking better as time goes on and I hope to make it fully interactive so those of you that have got here, probably by mistake the first time, will return to have a conversation.

I intend to have many conversations about all sorts of things but writing will always be in there somewhere. Please let me know what your opinions are.

My other writing blog is at     http://richardsritingblog.blogspot.co.uk   so why not pop over there and see if you like what you read? I'll keep that one for my short stories and poetry while this one will be a lot more general even if most things revolve around writing.

Jokulsarlon glacier lake - Iceland

I'll tell you more about myself as time goes on but meantime you can read a little about me on my Amazon author's page. Just go to the links page and click on the appropriate link.

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