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Finally the end of the 2nd World War arrived which also brought an end to the hardships that went along with it.  The community was lifted and spurred on by the wish to remember and commemorate those they had lost decided it was time to replace the old army hut that had served as a community centre.

This was not going to be a quick project, for the hall wouldn’t be finished for another 14 years.  The efforts began by raising money through donations, whist drives, sales of work, dances, etc.  The local laird, Major Shaw-Mackenzie donated a piece of land at the bottom of Fanny’s Brae.  It was a pretty boggy place and very rough but was in the centre of the parish and gratefully accepted.  A lot of people volunteered to clear the ground and grew potatoes on it to sell. 

The next step was to buy dressed sandstone from a wall around Conon House.  With the money raised and grants available work was at last ready to begin but there followed a Sterling crises and all grants were stopped.  A blow after all this effort however grants resumed and the work went ahead.  In total the Hall cost £6000 to complete.


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