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01 February 2017

Already we are up to week 4 of C25K

We are loving the feedback and interaction on the Facebook group from all of you :) Its great to see you all enjoying your running and keen to move on to the next week. 

We now have two groups on a Monday with one group sticking with the C25K plan and a second group pushing themselves just a little bit further by running for a few minutes more than the programme requires. 

The Wednesday crew are forming into a great group with good road discipline and learning the looping system, so very little stopping for anyone and a bit more mileage for the quicker ones.

Sunday saw four of us venture out on a longer run with two off to do 8 miles, which turned in nearly nine, and the other two venturing out into unknown parts of the countryside looking for 13 miles.  All, I am please to report returned safely :)


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