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Seasonal Flies

One of the most difficult decisions to make is what fly to use at what time of year?

Mostly we don't spend any time observing the river or the surroundings, I'm as guilty! Why not sit for ten minutes and look for flies on the water or some that maybe blown onto it, or what has hatched by looking for shucks from insects in a backwater. 

On this page I'll list a few casts of flies that will be of use at the present time of year, both 3 fly casts and 2 fly casts of wet flies and some dry flies.

Fly list early season.

March and April Clyde wet flies.

Teal & Black, Magpie Tail, Guinea fowl & Black, Blae & Black(flat wing), orange/brown hen blackie

Blae & Hare lug, Greenwell, Dark Olive, dark partridge & Orange, March Brown, Dark Olive.

Wet Spiders.

Waterhen Bloa, Snipe Purple, Dark Watchett, Woodcock & Orange, Woodcock & Hare, Woodcock & Orange, Black Spiders, March Brown, Greenwell. Needle fly family;- Winter Brown, February Red, Dark Spanish Needle.

WET fly cast 3 flies.

tail fly;- Magpie tail or Teal & Black, middle fly;- dark Blae & Harelug or Partridge & Orange, top dropper;- dark Greenwell or Olive.

North Country Spider flies. Top;- from Partridge & Orange, Needle Fly, Waterhen & Red,

Middle;- from Waterhen Bloa, Woodcock & Orange or Snipe & Purple, Top;- Woodcock & Hare or Black Spider.

Wet fly 2 fly cast.

Blae & Black or Teal & Black, dropper;- Greenwell or Blae & Hare.

Magpie Tail or Orange Hen Blackie, dropper;- Olive or Stewarts Black Spider.

Spiders, Part & Orange, Needle fly, Dark Watchett, dropper When Bloa, Black spider, or Plover Hare or Woodcock & Hare.

Dry Flies. size 16's or 18's;- Dark Greenwell, Dark Olive, Medium Olive(if warm mild weather), Dark Partridge, Black Spiders, Black & Olive, Adams Midge(dressed light). A large dark olive in size 14 may often be on the water.

size 18's or 20's;-Blue or Iron Blue Dun(cold blustery day), Black spider.

Please remember these are all just a suggestion of what should be around, study the water and area around is the greatest help of all.

Have a cup from your flask or a smoke and spend ten minutes looking.

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