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North Country Fly Lists

Needle Flies
Light Spanish Needle, Dark Spanish Needle, Needle Brown, Crimson Woodcock,
Brown Owl, Winter Brown, Needle Fly, Light Needle,
February Red, Crimson Woodcock, Early Brown, Light Woodcock.

Partridge Family Flies,

Yellow, Orange, Gold, Crimson, Orange(peacock thorax), Orange(herl head),
Knop Fly,

Grouse Family Flies,

Harelug, Claret, Gold, Yellow, Dark Dun, Dark Moorgame, Poult Bloa

Snipe Family Flies,

Purple, Yellow, Orange, Snipe Bloa, Black Snipe,

Woodcock Family Flies,

Harelug, Orange, Yellow, Crimson, Orange(herl thorax), Orange(herl Head),

Waterhen Family Flies;

Waterhen Bloa, Waterhen & Black, Yellow, Red,

Starling Family Flies;

Starling Bloa, July Dun, Light Watchett,

Stewart’s Spiders;

Black, Red, Starling, hackles palmered half of body.

Flies from North Country;

Old Master, Dark Watchett, Black Magic, Fog Black, Little Black, Broughton’s Point,
Stone Bloa, Dark Bloa(winged), John Storey, Sweet William, Greenweel(dark or light),
Golden Plover & Harelug, Dotterel Dun, Violet Midge, Black & Orange, Freckled Dun,



The North Country Spider of many fishing generations. The list is not total though many have other names throughout the books on this most fasinating fly style.

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